RECIPE: Vegetarian Thai and Indian recipes

zanOctober 15, 2000

I adore Thai and Indian food! Most recipes I've found have been VERY meat oriented. I've found a veggie satay recipe, and a tip that tofu is a good paneer substitute. Anybody have Thai, Indian, or similar exotic recipes to share?

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Here's a website I just recently found.

I copied a number of the soup recipes from the Middle East that are posted there.

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I just copied and pasted the above address I gave you and found it does not take you directly to the area I'm talking about. ARRRRGGGG! Anyway, it will get you to the basic website. Then in the left-hand column click on meatless recipes. That will bring up the page where you can then click on vegetarian recipes from the Vegetarian Resource Group. This is the place that has vegetarian recipes using lentils, vegetarian soups from the Middle East, Greek and Indian recipes, etc. I hope these instructions are clear enough and helpful.

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In the Asian section of the grocery store you'll find Thai Peanut sauce mix (don't remember the brand name but a % of the sale goes to saving elephants). You mix the packets with a 14 oz can of coconut milk (you can use the light version) and simmer until well heated. I stir fry mixed vegies (any combo that you like will work)and add them to the sauce along with about 1/4 cup of lightly salted dry roasted peanuts. Stir until everything is well covered with the sauce and pour over hot rice. It is a a nice tangy dish that's fast and easy to make.

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Heidi Rogers

Try any book by Indian author Bharti Kirchner (she has written several). They are all available from the library and the recipes are fabulous! I love her book "Vegetarian Burgers" as these recipes lend themselves well to using up leftovers.

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Hi, there are thousands and thousands variation of Indian vegetarian dishes....the majority of the country is vegetarian! If you are interested in purchasing cookbooks...Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Vegetarian Cooking is an ABSOLUTELY excellent place to start. Also if you search on the internet, for Indian recipes, you can find plenty of vegetarian recipes. I am Indian and would be more than proud and pleased to share some authentic recipes. I'll write some of them down later, while I sit and collect my thoughts...any suggestions? Hope this helps!


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Savita! Oh, I'd love some authentic recipes. Most of my cookbooks are so meat oriented it is not even funny. I'd thought about buying the cookbook you mentioned, but wasn't sure if it was a good one, guess I'll be making a trip to Amazon... I'd love to know how to make nan in a standard oven, as well as a recipe for alu matar, vegetable korma (is there such a thing?) pulao, vegetable biryani, veggies vindaloo and bhuna, etc. Plus anything you love which you don't seem to find in Indian restaurants, as this is the entire basis of my personal experience with Indian food.

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Carol Ann


Thank you for the offer!!! I have found some good vegetarian recipes in a variety of cookbooks but would love to try anything you have to share, especially things with lentils or chickpeas.

We'll keep you busy for awhile, won't we? Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share!


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Carol Ann

Savita, one more request. Do you make your own garam masala? I would love to try your recipe if you have one. I have the ingredients but haven't mixed it up yet.

Thanks again!


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Ooh, ooh, yeah! Garam masala!

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Hey guys!

Sorry that I haven't been here in a while! Work has been keeping me busy!

Yes! will be keeping me busy, but I'm more than happy to share recipes. I'll write recipes bit by bit so that you guys don't get completely inundated with recipes all over the page!!

I actually don't make my own garam masala...I find it too be too much extra work! (so sue me I'm lazy!!)...but here is a good recipe you can use..

Garam Masala

Cumin Seeds - 7 tablespoons
Cardamom - 3 1/2 tablespoons
Black Pepper - 3 1/2 tablespoons
Fennel (Saunf) Seeds - 2 tablespoons
Black Cumin Seeds - 2 tablespoons
Coriander Seeds - 2 tablespoons
Cloves - 1 tablespoon
1" cinnamon stick
Bay Leaf - 1 tablespoon, crushed...about 2 leaves
Ginger Powder - 3/4 tablespoon (crushed dry root)
Mace - 1 tablespoon
Nutmegs - 2 (broken)


Dry grind all ingredients except (if using) powdered ginger. Do not roast. Mix in the ginger
powder well. Store as general.

Makes: 1 1/2 Cups.

Hope this helps guys! I think if you were to use garam masala bought in the Indian grocery stores, it would be just as authentic and would save you gobs of time!

I'll be writing more recipes later!

Next...aloo the way, do you want these recipes to be vegan? or lacto-vegetarian...I can give substitutes for dairy for those who are vegan!

Happy eating for now!!


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This was looking really good!!

But it all kind of dried up a month after it started! What happened??

Anyway, if there's anybody out there, do you know a good recipe for tofu ka prao or tom kha hed/tofu that doesn't use fish sauce?? Or maybe just a good veggie substitute for fish sauce??



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You all can go on also to find vegetarian dishes. Sorry Savita, After looking at large varitey at this site , I thought I should save you typing so many receipies.
As everyone know, all cooks have their own way of cooking and same dish can differ in taste by them so I would like that Savita gives us her own tips and tricks as well as some of the dishes which she thinks is best.
Good Luck all.

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Fish sauce...I think you could use soya sauce as a substitute.

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Guys you can also go they have tons of recipes mostly Indian.

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I lived in Goa, India about 20 yrs ago and learned to make Dal from a neighbor. Unfortunately I have long forgot how and my childrens taste buds very much want this recipe. All I remember is cooking the spices in a spoon over a a fire we made after collecting wood, digging a hole in the ground, and walking two miles to the village market to buy the spices and lentils. I do realize it will be easier now if I can get the correct recipe as I have tried a few I found in cookbooks.
grama jj

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