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TerrylOctober 30, 2001

Just recently, as of October 2nd, I have ventured into vegetarianism. I have since then expeienced severe skin problems. The symptoms are many bumps covering my entire face, similar to acne without the whiteheads. Someone has mentioned that it is possibly millia. Does anybody know if this would be related to a lack of protein in my diet as I have yet to learn proper protein substitution?

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Go see a doctor -- it may or may not have anything to do with your new vegetarianism, but I'm not sure anyone here can help you out without the benefit of medical training and the opportunity to perform a physical exam, talk with you about your diet, etc. Good luck!

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After becoming a vegetarian, did you introduce any new foods into your diet that you had never eaten before? If so, your rash could be due to a food allergy. Try to remember if you have eaten anything totally new, such as certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. If you can pin it down to a particular food, that could be the cause of your rash.

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