New project - glass sandwich - suggestions?

silvamaeMay 2, 2008

Hello, y'all! I went to a thrift shop yesterday and came away $60 lighter! Didn't mean to do that, but I got carried away. Anyway, they had two identical pieces of clear glass, about three feet long and two feet wide, that were used as shelves, I guess, they have those nice smooth rounded edges, and the glass is thick. Well, I have this idea of mosaicing GOG on one, then covering the whole she-bang with the other. But I haven't made any plans yet as to how to accomplish it. Silicone? Weldbond? EnviroTex? Glue the top piece down or just lay it down unattached? It will be for indoors and the base will be a wrought iron wine rack that sits on the floor. Is this a good idea or not? What should I do with the edges? This is gonna be a challenge and I'm excited about it.

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I don't know Silvamae but the whole prospect fascinates me. Someone here linked and artist that works in up to 7? layers I think... it was incredible. I'll try and find it.

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AHA! went back many many pages and found it! have a look at this one

Here is a link that might be useful: Kathleen Dairymple

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Oh my, I am just speechless. I will have to go away and think about this. Wow, the possibilities. Thank you so much for the link. I will certainly post pictures when I get started.

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Wow! Those are really beautiful. I'm glad you dug up this think! Thanks! PJ

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Yes it sure starts the mind spinning on so many possibles. I like the idea of layering and the addition of depth. Tamar tried it with her floating frame piece in the GOG forum and I am curious about using paint in backgrounds and fore fronts too... The vine in my Harvest project is a sandwich of 2 layers with painted designs inside - it even made it more shard friendly that way by raising that glass level up

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I've wondered about using layers of glass before - but the thought of how heavy it will be - discouraged me. I wonder if she uses really thin glass . ( I've gotten some really thin clear glass from framed posters at the Goodwill ) Her pics are awesome ... beyond my talent - LOL - I just wish I knew her secret about the weight of her stuff & how to frame it. I'd love to try a 3-D pic .

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