iron table and chairs

flowergirl1211October 19, 2006

Hi All, I rec'd an iron table and chairs from my daughter. I'm wondering how do I get the old paint off. It is rusty from staying out in the weather.

Should I consider just having it sand plasted? Would this get rid of the rust?



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It depends on how bad the rust is.I did a set earlier this year,and dh just pressure washed it for me,then i sprayed it with a few coats of rustoleum paint,then i recovered the seats.Looked like a new set.Here's some pictures.


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if it's less than 60 years old? just wirebrush it to get any flakey bits off (if it's bad, they make wire brushes that attatch to a drill bit) and shoot it with Rustoleum in your choice of color (I'm currently a fan of their 'hammered' finish paint in the bronze)

you can also get 'naval jelly' at the car stores that will eat away the rust for you - it's pretty simple to use, though bad for your lawn, since it needs to be hosed off. then you'd have a nice, etched surface to paint.

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