I've been shot!

sistersunnieOctober 10, 2007

in the left arm.....with a tetnus vacination! I suppose this should go on the conversation side, but...wanted to check with all my t2t friends. My doctor told me today that if you are working with rusty stuff, old wood/nails, doing renovations, gardening, etc, you need to have your Tetnus shot updated! Lets not let our trashy habits put us at risk......

I'm going now to ice my arm. OUCH!

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Robo/Margo had one too!!!! You both have my sympathy! I had one a couple of months ago and found that a plain aspirin made into a thin gruel by dissolving in witch hazel then applying to
my arm, made a WORLD of difference.

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wow ....... I would have never thought of that . I'm a terrible klutz - always poking and cutting myself . Good post!

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Thank you very much for the info!
I never thought about needing a
tetnus booster! I bet I'm more than
due for one!

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