reupholster my bed or get a new one?

ID2014August 26, 2012

We have a very pretty 5 year old fully upholstered bed done in a pale linen. It had held up very well, even with my dogs, except for the side boards- the fabric has some "rings" where it has gotten wet. One or two of these are from wet dogs rubbing against it but some are simply from a glass of water spilling. Recently one of my dogs climbed on the edge and tore the fabric, so now I have to do something. Is there a fabric durable enough to consider recovering? What about leather (real or faux?) Or should I just cut my losses and get a new metal or wood bed? I don't want to have to recover every few years.

My style is simple and modern so many of the fabrics that may hide dirt better don't appeal to me.

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Have you looked at Crypton? It's very stain resistant. My SIL is a facilities manager at a nursing home and they recovered all of the chairs in the dining room and lounge in Crypton. It isn't cheap but it is durable and comes in a fairly wide selection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crypton

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I'd be temped to look at an indoor/outdoor fabric, like from Sunbrella, and reupholster in that.

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There are a number of acrylic fabrics out that wear like iron without feeling like it. We slipcovered my mother's small sofa in a creamy white one with some texture - it's a very soft, pretty ottoman weave, looks like a linen and cotton blend, and she can spill coffee, red wine, or anything on it, and it beads up and wipes away clean.

Great for someone for whom age has produced arthritic fingers and an occasional tremor or two.

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Has anyone used a faux leather (vinyl?) in their home that looks good? I found a faux shagreen that seems like it could be interesting.

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