Can you all post pics of what to do with

grinch_gutOctober 6, 2004

I have a old window...the glass is broke out in the bottom (or top half) of the window but fine in the other....what can I do with it? I don't want to throw it away there has to be someway to use it?? Doesn't there....Stacy

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Go to for some window ideas. I had a window with a broken pane, so I took out all the glass and replaced them with mirrors and put it in my garden. Looks great out there...

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Hi Stacy!!
I have a couple of old windows.They both still had the glass in them.One already had matts,(the kind used for pictures)inside each pane with various pictures of Angels and cherubs in them.I left them,since I collect anything angel,and hung it in my bedroom.I draped a garland of silk ivy over the top and it looks great!The other one had non-glare glass in it.I painted a purple Iris on it with Gallery Glass paints and the liquid leading.Really easy to do.Just lay the pattern behind the window and start painting on the front side.I have double pane windows in my home and I slipped the painted window in between the double panes in the bottom half of the window in my dining room.The old window is almost the same size as the window so it looks like it belongs there.I have had so many compliments on that window and people think it is real stained glass!
If some panes are missing and you want to do something like that to yours,just have the broken ones replaced.They aren't very expensive.I have another one of those windows (somewhere) that I want to paint and put inside the window over my sink.All I have to do is find it!LOL
I like Sheree's idea too but I like using the windows inside the house.Something else you might do if you don't have a place inside where the light would shine through it and you want to paint on it.After it is painted attach a string of clear Christmas lights around the inside edge on the back with staples and hang it on a wall.When the lights are on it will look like the sun shining through.You could do this outside also.
God bless...............Lillie

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Stacy here is a good link for ideas!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Window Ideas

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Sheree.can you give some instructions on how you installed those mirrors, and were they precut to fit the window?
I had an old window without panes and paid $20.00 for a glass shop to put mirrors in it. (six mirrors)

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Here is what I did with an old window. I don't have a headboard so I used this. Put a sheer curtain behind it.
I'm sure it would look as good without glass too.

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i'm not sure which window's your talking about, but i did a screen door mirror and we did pay a glass company to install the mirror's. hope this helps, sherree.

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Ooops!...that question was suppose to be for deedlesmom.....How did you install the mirrors, and were they precut to fit the window? (thanks)

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I recently bought an old 8 pane window and am going to try this project. They had others but I didn't have my brain with me and now the place is closed. :(


Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet from old window

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I had a glass shop cut the mirrors the same size as the openings. Removed the trim on the what would be the inside of the back, inserted mirrors and used little thingsy that are like little arrows to hold the glass in place and them replaced the trim. Can't think of the name of those things, but they are easily found at the hardware store. Hope this helps.

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You can buy chalkboard paint, paint a piece of plywood to fit in the empty pane and have a kitchen message center.

I got some free wallpaper samples from American Blinds and put different wallpaper pictures of chickens in each pane, then used chicken wire instead of glass.

You can also nail some "feet" on it and use it as a fireplace screen - just don't leave it in front of a very hot fire. Have also seen window frames with no glass used as pot or herb drying racks, hanging over a kitchen island. (I mean "Pot" as in "pots and pans").

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anyone ever painted one side of the glass black and hung it up on an old shed or barn? from a distance it gives the appearance your seeing inside a dark and empty shed.

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I cut a piece of metal flashing and put it on the lower part (broken pane on the 'bottom') and painted flowers and stuff on the upper panes. I attached a small shelf to the bottom and hung wire across the back. I used it as a memo holder (magnets stuck to the flashing) and stuck tacks in the shelf part, which also held pens & note paper.

I don't have a picture, drat, but it sure was handy. I gave it away when I moved, now I miss it!

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