BM's latest stunts

cephMay 25, 2009

I know she's nothing compared to many, but she still can drive me crazy.

DH's SM signed A__ up for a day camp this summer. She cleared the dates with BM and with us. She paid for it.

Now, BM has signed A__ up for something that same week and doesn't want to cancel it. She's mad that my SMIL told her that if they can't get their money back, they expect BM to reimburse them, as it was her mistake.

She keeps calling my DH at work and telling him all about her pregnancy (she's due any day). This annoys me. She doesn't call to see if we would like to have A__ (and says no when DH asks) but she calls to b17ch that she gained 40 pounds and is sick of being pregnant. WTF? She can't have it both ways!

Bah. I'm annoyed with her today and wish irritating things upon her. Like a tax audit, or hitting her shin on the coffee table... Or maybe itchy mosquito bites...

Yes. That's it. I hope she gets itchy mosquito bites.

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"She keeps calling my DH at work and telling him all about her pregnancy "

Why is she calling your DH to discuss her pregnancy?

Totally inappropriate IMO.

I am really sorry, Ceph. It makes me sad that she is telling DH "no" when he asks to see A. What is her reasoning? When was the last time he saw A? I hate to advocate putting a child in the middle, but I'd be tempted to have DH start asking A directly. Let BM be the "bad guy" by telling her son no, he can't see his dad. My guess is if A wants to see his dad badly enough, BM will give in.

As far as the summer camp issue goes, that is totally rude and inconsiderate--sounds like par for the course, though, with this woman. Sigh. :(

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yah sounds rude,,inconsiderate...but she is preggers...and i knwo hormones can wack people out...i know its not an excuse for the money reimbursemnt issue..but i can see the calling and b*tching cause she's 40 lbs heavier etc..etc...
Is your dh and her 'friends'?

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"maybe itchy mosquito bites... "

LMAO... you made my day!!! I'll join you in wishing that... I'll even add I hope they are between her toes!

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UGH! Wht is DH listening to her bellyachin' if she is refusing him visitation?

I would tell her to take it to the BF! Then I'd call her tubby and hang up:)

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what does she say when he asks to see his son? any particular reasons?

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Love - I don't know why she calls DH about it... Maybe her BF told her to stuff it? LOL!
And that might be a good idea about asking A__ directly. Hmm, we hadn't thought of that

Maria - She and DH aren't friends, but she seems to think he wants to hear about her personal life, even though he has told her, point blank, that he doesn't

Ima - Happy to have made your day!

Doodle - He did that!! He said "Why would I care that you got fat?"... He likes to poke angry bears and apparently doesn't see that poking this angry bear had potential repercussions.

FD - She usually says something along the lines of "I'm not working anymore so I don't need you to watch him" or "We have no plans, so he can be here" or "But I was thinking of maybe doing _____ with him, so I want him"... And then complains about being pregnant. What a peach.

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maybe planning ahead of time, such as "I am going to see seeing A next Sunday for a day, would you please plan for that". specific.

When i first got divorced, my X would just show up at my door and say hey let me get DD or call and say i want to see DD now. of course I said "no" (and he probably complained what a b..I am LOL). he quickly learned to plan and arrange his time with DD so i can plan. i am a planner and do not like chaos. DH has to sit down and plan with BM what times or days are the best.

maybe he can also talk to A directly and plan with him beofre he even talks to BM.

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