Camera, a little cash, a pickup truck.....

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 22, 2005

Oooooh Eeeeeee! I'm gonna have some fun! LOL DH and I are leaving in a few minutes to go to a little town known for it's antique shops/junk places, etc. Don't have much money, so I'll be checking the sides of the roads! LOL

Will let you know later how I did, 'kay?

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Well, I'm glad that I don't have hundreds of eager TtoTers waiting with baited breath to see what treasures I found yesterday! LOL The answer - a big fat ole nothing!!! Walked around in several shops and wasn't even tempted.

Checked roadsides and didn't see a thing.

Bummer! LOL

Anybody else do any good this weekend?

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The season is just about over here, Ya Ya. I think all the good stuff is gone! I'm so jealous every year to read posts about finding things through the winter.

But two weeks ago I got an old wash-stand for $5, I've been wanting one for ages.

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Oh, man! How neat! Are you talking about one of the old wooden ones? How'd you score that, girlfriend!?

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Here's an old Mexican birdcage that I picked up at the flea market. I like it because it is round. I love round things. And a pair of finials. I don't know if I will use them in the house....Martha Stewart-ish on a mantle...of course, I don't have a mantle...but I could probably find a place, or if I will use them outside. ;) Ya Ya, you need to come go junkin' with me.

Oops, I see that the birdcage is upside down in the pic. It was dark when I took the lights...couldn't see nothin'.

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Marilyn you did great!!!!! I love the birdcage....I have an old one that I put a cat figurine inside, and then clip one of those real feather craft birds on the top of the outside. Makes everyone smile!!!
Ya-ya, what town did you visit???? Sounds like you had a fun weekend anyway! We are hoping to make a trip to Arkansas soon, but we aren't real touristy type folks so will be looking for the "little towns with the junk shops"!

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Hardy, Arkansas, Jaybird. Let me know ahead of time if you plan on coming anywhere around my area - would love to see you.

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Don't forget to hit the goodwills- I found some nice pillows, a cute mahogany telephone stand and a brass india vase. Going back to look again. I go to other towns also and find great stuff all the time. Great for holiday decorations.

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Jaybird, checked your page. We have a lot in common - "blended families", ex teachers, both in our 50's, and a junker to boot! You rock, girl! LOL

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