Two great finds today...

ohiomomOctober 20, 2004

Just so excited, at the "curbstore" today I scooped up an almost "new" upholstered office chair (now I can be more comfortable on my puter, wooden kitchen chair was hard as the dickens)....and a wrought iron stand for an aquarium...going to cut two pieces of wood and mosaic them and I will have a really neat stand for plants, or whatever!!!

I Love Trash Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL)

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ohiomom, That's wheremy comp. chair came from. It's a really nice one. The upholstered back had come off & it was laying on the chair. A few upholstery tacks & I have a very nice chair. Last night I found a round kerosene heater in excelent shape & still full of kerosene. Looked like someone moved out of a house & just pitched everything they couldn't carry. It was dark & raining & I've been sick so didn't dig through stuf. Was happy with heater & two blue lamps for garden totems.

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Don't you just love those days/nights when you find something so useful/worthwhile??? I saw some plywood yesterday but my DD was driving and would not stop the car!! I went back today, but it was gone (DARN!!!!)

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