LOOKING for: Lunch Ideas for Small Children

LifeIsSweetSeptember 19, 2002

No, I'm not looking to eat small children, Lol... Hello! I'm looking for a few easy-to-make, easy-to-eat meals for lunch. I babysit a girl whose family is vegetarian (my family is not), and I honor their religious beliefs (Hindu) by not eating meat when their daughter is with us (Christian). It has gone really well, and now I'M very intrigued by a healthier diet with less meat! Can anyone tell me some good sources you've found for simple, fun meals? My daughter is 1, and the girl I babysit is 5 but she has Down syndrome and has a hard time "handling" food. Thanks so much! ~ Holly

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I strongly suggest checking the book The Compassionate Cook. You can find it in most large bookstores or on Amazon.

Very simple, tasty, tested ideas.

Paul :-)

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Thank you! ~Holly

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