What's your best curbside find?

secondhandrose2October 22, 2004

Two weeks ago I spotted four beautiful green M@rtha Stew@rt home collection outdoor chairs, with pads on the curbside. Nothing wrong with them. Took them home! Last week, at the same curb, found one more chair with cushion, two rockers and an umbrella. All in great shape. Yup, I took them home, too. Today I spotted the table, with the lazy susan. Not a scratch on it! Loaded it up and took it home to complete my set. I am so excited. We didn't have outdoor furniture at the cottage except for some very old hand-me-down resin chairs. Can't wait to bring my "new" set out to the cottage and put it on the patio! This is tied with my best curbside find ever -- a small wooden corner china cabinet I found three years ago. I stripped off the tacky 70's era contact paper and painted it white. It is in my dd's cottage bedroom filled with books and kitten figurines. Love it!

What is your best curbside trash find that turned into treasure?

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Everything I find on the curb is my "best find"....(grin)..but I guess if I had to pick it would be the two china cabinets with glass intact!!! One holds my Tin collection and the other holds my "found" china pieces.


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So far I think the best curb find was a double wash tub on a stand made out of galvanized metal. I have flowers planted in it.

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hi have seen this on here before and I would be humbled to say anything after seeing some of the treaure folks have found .
I have mostly junk that needs repair not china cabinets and such.
best ...although I did not profit was a 2 pick up truck full load in K.C that I helped load that was an estate the best boxes were books and although old books are,nt usually worth a lot lot like a lot, of people think they are there were a lot of old encylopedias inthis and they had a lot of pristine pics that my friends wife had professionaly removed and matted and authenticated and through some good connections these wer put in some very good galleries in the k.c and st louis area and as I remember 1 yr they made like 7,ooo dollars from these , amazing stuff ..
my best in this house hmmmm. most valuable ...a truck FULL of brand new lumber2 bys 2by 6,s 9 sheets of 3/4 ply nails screws a neighbor called and told me about it then I went there I even asked and the woman was mad because the previous tenant had left it there and she sent it to the curb then she tells me that there is more in the house but it was to heavy for her, inside was 8 full sheets of drywall, tape, mud, tools WOW i felt like I was stealing and asked if she made contact with the person ,she had and his dad said he was in jail and to throw it out sooooo I got it and I have issues with taking something for nothing, so now me and this woman have exchanged plants twice.
this is hard I have a lot of junk..a complete waterbed frame with stained glass ,heavy still have not used it but it will be a book shelf in my basement sometime .
I have two solid stainless steel salad bars that will go in a green house someday,
oh yeah all the glass for that green house 2 by 3 sheets of wind shield glass .about 100 sheets ..dumpster at work
all the pressure treated framing for my deck 2by 6,s dumpster at work.
3 sheds full of lumber every description ..dumpster at work .
all three of my out door metal rocking chairs one road kill found on the highway 2 on the curb where they were tearing down houses .
about 5 bushels of day lilies that a friend found behind a restuarant next to the dumpster ,they are in my front yard ..
well enough rambling ,love to see what else pops up on here Rick

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And you say you haven't found GOOD FINDS???? My goodness, lumber, glass, drywall etc etc etc.....you hit the motherlode!!!!

GREAT FINDS!! And useful and practical...nice score.

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Last week we found, in the junk recycling area, a nearly new but muddy flat tired mountin bike! We took it home and aired up the tires and washed off the mud and it looks brand new! The week before at the same place. My son found an old 70's bentwood rocking chair. It was smelly and scratched, nothing deep, and the cloth was disgusting, but it was solidly made. I sanded down the old varnish and cleaned it up a bit and then painted it and recovered the seat and back. I now have a really cool looking chair to replace the old beat up thing that broke last year.

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other than my husband, who's the ultimate 'diamond in the rough' story?

has to be the '76 Vega station wagon that was abandoned on the property behind us. she became mine for the price of the paperwork after 30 days...and it ran for 6 more years :)

my favorite's the Arts and Crafts ironwork table frame I still haven't gotten a glass top for...and the really old, really huge book of architectural detail sketches that I pulled out of a box of abandoned text books.

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Well, since I've only curb-shopped once....I got this beautiful black metal headboard, it's heavy and has solid finials for the posts. I'm going to be using it in one of my flower beds next spring. The best part was my DS didn't have a fit and fall in it when I pulled over to side of the road to get it. LOL

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DH found a futon someone has throw away that only had 1 of the wooden pieces broken. We took the mattress since we already have a futon, and all the wood that was still in good condition. Ta dah! Instant like-new futon with plenty of pieces to repair.
We found out later the neighbor has just gotten a new couch and didn't want to be bothered with selling since it was "broken". Ha! He could have repaired it for 69cents!

Texan in France

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A real pearl necklace tossed out at Mardi Gras and literally found in the street.after thirty days,no one claimed it as lost and i got to keep it.

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A new baby swing from Target that still had the instructional stickers on it and was manufactured only 5 months prior to me finding it. Great timing, newborn son was only 5 wks old!

GREAT curb find =)

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That's it, cupajoe, I'll NEVER wear another top in New Orleans! LOL

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Ya ya,I had my shirt on ,honest lol.

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My nextdoor neighbor put out one of his dinning chairs. One leg was broken in half. It was upholstered so I removed the fabric and fixed the leg. After I covered the frame with pallet slats I began my Mosaic chair. It was a heavy chair to begin with. I will need both our grown sons to move it out to the yard.
As others have said, all my curb finds or favorites.

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The best = two antique mission oak rockers, perfect condition, just needed their upholstery padded cushions, and a perfect full size keyboard that just needed the ac cord, old porch swing, vintage baby swing, vintage stainless steel grill in a suitcase w/ fold-up legs. Our town does a city-wide clean-up once a year in April and YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE what people throw away!

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I got a one foot by one foot fiberglass insulation patch that I ended up useing as a christmas decoration.

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What did you do with the patch? I gotta ask!

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8-9 snow blowers, around 50 rotary lawn mowers, 1 lawn tractor, 2 electric power washers, numerous weed wackers of various makes, 4 leaf blowers (one brand new!) Leaf rakes, yard carts, wheel barrows, leaf mulchers/ chippers, You name it--the yuppies have thrown it out in the weekly garbage pickup! And--most all of the mechanical stuff was repaired at nominal cost to me!
I have sold some things at either curb side or at flea markets. It helps pay the home taxes, etc. which in our county are very high on places of residence!
I make the rounds most every day or evening, winter and summer! and, i haven't bought anything, either for the house care, yard care, lawn furniture, etc., for 9 years, since i started picking up!
Just this week, i got a 2-stage Toro snow-thrower/ blower! nice condition--needed the blower bearings oiled and the carburetor cleaned! Runs great--only thing is--no snow--been raining for almost 5 days! RATS!
by: rustyj

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You scored a lot of primo stuff. Woo Hoo!!!
I bought a ritzy expensive Chinese table lamp at Marshall Fields 19 years ago with some of our wedding gift money. I found the identical lamp in perfect shape in the trash a few years ago, so now I have a pair. I found a thick pine 9 ft. mantle, with brackets by the curb, and mounted it over the bed at our cottage (at the time there was no floor space for a bedside table in there) it held a lamp, an alarm clock, tissue, books, pictures and looked so cool. Found another mantle, six feet wide, 10 inches deep, and I am going to mount it over the couch at our cottage in the game room for my husband's trophies and such. Found a beautiful large wooden chair with barley twist spindles. Use is for extra seating when we have guests. My whole basement is furnished with curbside finds and hand-me-downs. Couch, loveseat, end table, coffee table, wicker bar, two bar stools. two dining tables, chairs, light fixture, TV and stand, pictures, wicker etagere, vases, baskets, even some doll furniture. Kids can play down there and not have to be too careful like upstairs. Looks great. You would never know it.

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I found a 65 yr old persian rug - 8x10.

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Oh my gosh! How great!

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recently I found a beautiful Maple dresser. It is a nutmeg color and the drawers are cedar line. Burned into the inside drawer is "Ethan Allen, Vermont" It looks like a 1950's logo design. Anyway, while my husband ( who cant stand my curb side shopping) who admits it is a nice looking piece wants to throw it out because the bottom 2 drawers sqweak loudly when opening. The wooden rider is in place its just that they must have warped over time or been in poor temps. I need to save this piece, so I keep telling him, " oh it just needs.... ? what ? is it salvageable ( WD$0 jsut soaked into the wood) I guess I could try a furniture repair shop???
PS I even own a matching mirror that looks great w/it.

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Just rub some bar soap or an old candle on the squeaky parts! Great find.

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candle wax...beeswax...any kind of solid wax will fix it right up!!!

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I have found a dormer fridge, a john deere yard trailer, and plenty of wood--all the work benches in the garage are all free down to the nails, garden hoses(no holes/leaks, lamps, computers. New Jersey throws out way too much out. What a waste of money--I just can't believe our throw away society. bic

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Lots of stuff, but one thing that comes to mind is an old garden gate. I had seen some in magazines and wanted one...the kind with the hooped wire insert and curlique gate topper. I priced one at an antique architecture place for $88 and one for $55 at the flea market.

Was driving down a road and saw one leaning against a patio table in someone's yard, and I was thinking..."Lucky dogs.
They got a gate just like the one I want." A week or so later, I was driving past the same place...and it was SITTING OUT WITH THE TRASH ON THE CURB!!!!! What can I say?
Some people have no taste. I stopped and loaded it in my car before you could say "Don't."

I find a lot of stuff in dumpsters too. This was in the dumpster behind the thrift shop. It's a McCoy vase...perfect condition.

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an old Sear and Roebuck wooden wheel chair

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New here, and I love this forum!

over 20 years ago, I found an old drop-front desk next to the dumpster at my apartment complex. It took two strong men and me to haul it upstairs. It's solid oak with mahogany veneer. When I was having some other furniture redone, the guy told me it was from the early 1920's, so a few more years, and it will be an antique!

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Oh, gosh, bruggirl, how neat! Don'tcha wonder about people who get rid of stuff like that?! Always makes me wonder what they DO have in their houses to trash good stuff! LOL

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