need help to make a carousel horse?

parker806October 28, 2008

can anyone please email me with pics of the carousel horses you make. i finally got the horse and not sure what type of paint to use outdoors, brush or spray, and how to decorate it when finished. i saw some a while ago in photobucket but they have been moved or deleted now. thanks for the help and info, vicki

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Hi vicki

I found this thread by doing a search for horse at the bottom of the trash to treasure page. It has a couple of beautys and I think some instructions. There are other links and some of the pics may be gone but some are still there.
Good luck and post a pic!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carousel horse thread

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thanks kathy, that is just what i was looking for. i sent you an email but thought i would also post here. thanks for the help. vicki

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you are welcome. Thanks for posting. I wasn't sure if you saw the link.

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Hi! I have made 1 carousel horse and my sister has made 19! However, ours are only for indoors. I don't know how to post a picture and don't have time to search today. If I was going to do one for outdoors I would use Patio Paints and a good poly coat over that. If anyone can help me post a picture I can show some of ours. We fill the holes with joint compound, letting each coat dry and adding more, then use fine sandpaper to smooth. We also put them on poles and stands. Any questions I will be happy to answer if I can! Nancy

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