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Calamity_JMay 14, 2010

Yup, I'm "Pondering" aka: gonna start thinking of how to do my pond> build a wire mesh concrete castle>using stones/slate??)lit up of course, so stained glass windows/little wooden doors/drawbridge?...AND the mosaic sides of my pond walls, inspiration to mosaic the walls with some smashed up slate(vetoed idea for the front entry patio)and rocks...etc? The other thing I wanted to do is add a water tunnel(spillway/waterfall) which isn't really mosaicing but rockwork...did I mention I have 100+ plants to plant and I haven't weeded yet(1/2acre!!!)this year!?!lol!!! Anyhoo, here is a link to the castle idea....

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Wowzer Janie...that sounds like an awesome project and a huge undertaking. Will be fun watching this birth!!

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Looking at that cute website - now let me get this straight. When I first read your post, I imagined life-sized structures. Just how large is this bridge and castle w/stained glass windows gonna be? I LOVED the virtual tour of his gardens and art. What talent. Whatcha gonna do first. Weeding/planting. That's what I'm currently head over heels (sometimes literally) doing.

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Castle:18"round/3-4ft high, turrets kinda like Uncle Eddies, giving thought to copper roofs, am seeing a rock fence/border/enclosure that will have solar spotlights in each corner to lit it up...pond/castle/bog garden will all tie in together with the rock work being done, haven't decided what I will use to mosaic the castle, am thinking rocks as it would be faster than cutting up slate to "brick" size..or just smash up the slate and no "brick" look? hmmm, thinking out loud, but if anybody has feedback, plz post! All I know, is when I am done I am gonna email Rhiana(sp?)a pic!!!heh heh! Will def be posting WIP pics like Slow did with her gorgeous fountain wall!

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Oh, good. I loved Uncle Eddies work. Rocks w/be beautiful, CALAM, but if you already have the slate, that w/be cheaper than buying the rocks. I loved working w/the white landscaping rocks from Lowes that I used on the Grotto. Definitely send pics to Riana - bet she'll put them on her website in Student Work. She has lots of my pictures on her site. She has some new stuff lately. I emailed her recently for a hint on whether or not to use rebar in building an arbor. She called me back, but I was outside, and she left a long message on my answering machine. Said she was so busy lately that she doesn't have time to email - said she's creating all kinds of new stuff - and like me - is making more work for herself. So anxious to see your WIPs.

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Ohhh arbor!!! Now that's a great idea! None of this wood that rots!!lol! I really miss my throne and Humpty Dumpty...and bricks...but will make a castle of amazement!lol!It feels so good to be creating again, and using all the "stuff/project materials" I have been buying and hourding! I am getting a thrill, just to be using all my "collections" as they were intended for the yard. I have had a MAJOR stash of wire mesh That most will be gobbled up by the pond surround, but I'm proud to have had it here all this time...and hubby had tried to toss it a few times! Picture this: I am literally walking up to his "toss" pile, during a few of his clean up the yard times and hauled 1/2 the stuff back off the pile!!!ha! And now that it is all being used...he "gets" it! heh heh! There really is a method to my madness!!!ha!

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