Taking out drywall to make paneled DW fit?

pseudochefMay 23, 2013

The appliance guys came today to install my new KA paneled DW. They took off the insulation on the back of the DW but it still sticks out and then when they put the panel on it will stick out more. Basically the DW without the panel is flush with the drawer fronts. Anyway, I called the appliance store and they said the only other option is to take out the drywall behind the DW to gain some room. Is there any reason not to do this? They're going to call me back tomorrow about doing this so I could use some advice today.

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I had the same problem with a refrigerator. We took off the drywall with no ill effects. This is a common fudge I understand.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We did it with our dw...worked fine.

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Sophie Wheeler

As long as you don't disturb the insulation in the wall cavity, and aren't skeeved out by the possibility of creating an insect habitation in the cavity (put boric acid in it) then it should be fine.

But, 1/2" of drywall isn't enough to make up for a 3/4" panel on the front of the DW. It will still stick out. The only solution is to get another brand, or to pull the cabinets away from the wall on the whole run and increase the counter depth over the whole run. KA knows this is an issue but fails to put this in BIG LETTERS for anyone planning a kitchen. Some KD's assume it's built for standard depth cabinets, and then have issues like yours.

I'd register a(nother) complaint with KA, and get another DW. If they lose another sale over the issue, they might start to build them correctly.

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We have a KA paneled dishwasher. It sticks out and we just don't notice.

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