Sofa and Loveseat

woodie2August 16, 2012

Is it "passe" to use a matching sofa and loveseat together? It seems so "like my mom used to have" and old fashioned somehow. Yet, it fits perfectly into the space I have and I'll be buying some new seating for a vacation condo that we recently purchased. (Right now that space has 2 full sofas and while that fits quite well, I would like a chair for DH in a particular spot for the light from the window and so I was thinking of a sofa and loveseat.)

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I think it's fine as long as you don't match anything else! You know, don't add in matching end tables. Also, I would use different pillows on each, and maybe put a throw on one but not the other.

Also, you don't have to necessarily get them in the same colors, right? I helped someone with her living room recently and we didn't want a lot of "matchy-ness" but it was clear that this one particular chair was going to work really well in two places in her LR. We ordered them in two different fabrics, and one with an ottoman, and I don't think the casual observer would ever notice that they're the same chair.

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I think they look fine. I was at a house yesterday that had matching sofa/loveseat and I remember sitting there admiring them, mostly the fabric, but they looked really nice in the room.

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I'll start this off by saying I'm not a designer, so I don't know how it's "supposed" to be (although I am curious if a designer wants to chime in), but I kind of like the look of a matching sofa and loveseat with pillows similar, if not the same. To me it kind of makes both pieces an extension of each other and they tend to blend in as opposed to the visual "choppiness" having different pieces would create.

I do like to mix in smaller vintage pieces though, instead of having matching end tables, etc.

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I don't know that matching them is out of style per se, it seems to me that the seating arrangement itself has lost favor, as people might prefer the flexibility of 2 chairs to a loveseat when pairing with a couch ...

I also agree that the "matchy matchy" problem is a problem only in overuse.

When we bought our last house, the kitchen had floral wall paper, with matching curtains. And there was a decorative tile piece on the island and backsplash that also matched. That's overkill

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Thanks for the comments and ideas. I do lean towards the sofa and loveseat matching (but one or two aditional chairs different - actually I'm thinking about one Ekornes chair cause its sooooo comfy for reading) but I promise not to matchy match the tables and lamps to the sofa and loveseat LOL. I like an eclectic mix and intend to do just that. And non-matching throw pillows and throws sounds great to me. Thank you.

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I have a matching sofa and loveseat, but my end tables are both different, along with the chair and rocking chair. Everything seems to go well together without being too matchy, or clashing with each other.

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Thanks for the picture, Sandy! BTW I love your rug!

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Part of the problem is that it's very difficult to find furniture lines that make loveseats anymore. At least, with more modern lines. We looked 9 years ago and then again last year. we ended up with no matching pieces. This is much harder to pull off and ours turned out okay, but just okay, not wow! I love each piece individually, but questin the harmony of the pieces.

I think matching can be okay, but I would then do a solid fabric or very subtle pattern. over wise too much of a good thing.

If I had the right room, I would love to do a sofa with a pair of wing chairs in a complementary fabric, but that layout doesnt work in our room.

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Thank you for your thoughts and picture, PPS7. Your room is lovely and I say "wow" and not just "okay".

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I don't know if it's passe, but I have to say that I like the modern combo better than a traditional set, because it looks more like a "settee" than a love seat. Maybe it's the lighter scale that looks better to me, with clean lines and exposed legs. A sofa/love seat combo is so bulky, especially if your room is not quite large. And there's something about the difference in size of the two pieces. You have to balance the different weights somehow.
I agree with the other poster who noted the flexibility of a pair of chairs instead. The chairs would also be more comfortable than a love seat, which is awkward for two people for some reason. Maybe it's because you're sitting so close together but not facing for easy conversation. Plus you can't lie down on a love seat. I bought a very nice pair of loveseats for my first house, which had a tiny living room. They looked great, but I was sorry I got them.
I vote for a pair of chairs either flanking the sofa at right angles, or facing the sofa. Or two sofas, if you have the space for them. Unless you really want the love seat, then I say go for it, it's your house. You really only have to please yourself and your family.

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Actually what is there now are 2 (extremely worn and uncomfortable) sofas but what I truly want is a chair for DH to read by the window light and a sofa for me to also read by the window light and have my legs up. We bought this condo furnished but the only thing that will stay in this room is the wall unit (for the time being).

Following this post are 2 other views of the room.

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Another view.

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BTW the dining room table and chairs have already been replaced - boy did that make me happy!

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How about a sofa and 2 chairs, or recliners? Definitely do not block that beautiful view you have !

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The pics are really helpful. I would get a new sofa and pull it up and to the left a bit so it's more centered on the tv. Then get a pair of fabulous chairs and place them facing each other perpendicular to the sofa.

The room has great light!

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Thanks Sandy and PPS - we definitely bought our place for the view. I really like your idea about the sofa and the 2 chairs and I really want an area rug cause its all tile everywhere. Now I'm thinking to just toss the idea of a loveseat.
Thanks everybody for your input! I missed the decorating gene and so its great to hear from other people with ideas and comments to get the old brain thinking!

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