What would you do????

incognitomomMay 7, 2011

My 21 year old half sister is crazy. I posted on here a long time ago about her son (who is about 1 1/2 now) and how she didn't know who his dad was. Then she met some guy off the internet during her pregnancy and went to another state to pick him up and move him in with her. They lasted less than a year and were supposed to get married, bla bla bla.

My sister has a bad temper and is a bit off. When my stepmom was pregnant my sister was jealous and threatened to push my stepmom down the stairs if she did not get an abortion!! It got so out of control my dad sent my sister to live with my brother for a while. My sister eventually moved back near us all (my brother lives out of state) but my stepmom would never allow her to live there again....I totally agreed with her on that.

While my sister was pregnant with her son she got into an argument with my stepmom and hauled off and hit my stepmom. My stepmom ran from her and called 911. Had the cops remove her from the house....my dad freaked of course and wanted to defend my sister. It was abig issue for a while.

Well my sister and I got into a disagreement a few months back and stopped talking. We have spoke a few times through text and it was awful. A month ago I asked her to return an item she borrowed from me and she flew off the handle telling me she wanted me to bleed so much I loose my baby and I die. (I had an issue with a blood clot and some hemmoraging in the beginning of my pregnancy). I still have that text message.

I have not had contact with her since. That was over a month ago. Well then my bday was last week and she posted this on Facebook:

"Yuck, just realized it's my sister _____'s birthday. How disturbing to think that exactly _ _ years ago today, the most evil, cold hearted person in the world was born. I hope she has a miserable day.. :D Aren't I such a nice sister?"

Then she went on to comment back and forth with her friends 37 times saying nasty, untrue things about me and my children. I guess in person she told my other sister that she would love to come to my house and kick my a** so I miscarry and she can see me upset because it would be funny!?!. Later the same day she posted a link on her page saying this song on YouTube and said it was dedicated to "the birthday girl"...which obviously meant me. The whole song keeps saying DIE DIE DIE and talks about ways to die accidentaly.


I am totally freaked out. I don't know what to do. I am not friends with her on facebook....someone I know forwarded these things to me because they felt they were disturbing. I don't know if I should go to the police and make a report?? Can I do that since I am not friends with her on Facebook but got access to the information?

She is a little off her rocker. Not only did she hit my stepmom before but she had a road rage incident where she pulled some girl out of her car and hit her! A report was made for the incident with my stepmom...but not the road rage thing.

What would you do?????

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This is very very disturbing. I'm so sorry you are related to such a person. I think maybe you should file some kind of police report. Just incase something were to happen to you. That's just down right evil to wish these things on anyone, especially a sister.

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Your sister is not just a little off;
she's violent and extremely dangerous;
she's already attacked people, & she's fixated on destroying pregnancies.

Protect yourself.

Copy the facebook posts & send copies to people who can help or at least whom you know to be responsible enough to get the evidence to the prosecutor if it came to that.
call the police immediately right not this instant & give them a copy of the posts, & tell them you want them to make a report & you want to know what charges you can file.

Contact facebook to have the hate posts deleted.

On Monday, see an attorney and/or a victims' group counsellor to get advice on what legal steps to take.

Don't tell your father anything you don't want your sister to know.

I'm so sorry.

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Agree with Sylvia, yes file police reports, save the messages, save youtube copy, talk to your attorney on Monday ASAP. If you would ask facebook to delete hate messages make sure you copy them first and save for your record. I am also wondering if your sister is using drugs, and she has a child at home. I am so sorry...Keep us posted.

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I would contact the police and they will make a report and contact her to stop contact. I believe this is all enough to get a no contact/protective/restraining order. She is young enough that maybe it will scare her silly. And it will stop. However don't expect Facebook to stop. I would have your contact report it to the Facebook 'people'... And they will remove it. This online bullying thing is so bad right now. They literally have a no tolerance policy. But don't be surprised if she amps it up a bit once you contact the police.

I was being harassed once by an old boyfriend and had to contact the police to try to 'scare' him to leave me alone. It did work but then he started writing myspace comments like... Now I'm a harrasser.. Anyone want to be harassed?? Or 'oh no watch out the police are coming.

That's nothing like what you are dealing with but contacting the police seemed to make him go to other outlets to harass me.

Good luck

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myfampg I also had a guy harassing me who wasn't even a boyfriend, i went on couple of dates and wasn't interested, he wouldn't take no for an answer and harassed me for the longest time. He immediately stopped though after I told him that I am on my way to police department to file a report, I never heard from him again. so maybe this sister would get scared knowing that police report is about to be filed.

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I agree , police report , no contact order and contact facebook... she sounds very violent!! Is she like this around her children!?!?! I hope they dont know the things she says about others... Has she always been so hateful??

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Definitely, definitely take any and all documentable proof you have to the police.

I would also seriously consider getting a restraining order. I think your sister is mentally ill, not just a little off!

Always err on the side of caution! Do everything you can to protect yourself, your own family and to keep a record of all that's gone on.

I know I've mentioned before on here about my cousin who is a captain in the police force. He said something to me once about how the rule of thumb in the force----and this applies to us civilians, too---is "if someone threatens you, believe them. Don't analyze, don't read into it, don't think what YOU would or wouldn't do yourself. Don't apply rationale and logic to unstable people. Take a threat at face value. Repeat: if someone threatens you, believe them!"

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Love: you told me that once and I live by it with SM... :) thanks and I do agree...

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Well my husband was against me going to the police about this all. He said that I should just have nothing to do with her and let this die down. So that is what I have been doing.

A week ago my grandma was visiting with us from out of state and wanted to go to dinner with us all. She dislikes my sister a lot, not just for what she has done to me recently but for her overall behaviors. She also dislikes my father (who is her stepson) for raising my sister to become the way she is. My grandma has gotton onto my sister and my dad's cases about the bad choices my sister continues to make.

Anyways she asked me if she could invite my sister to dinner one night with us all and I said that was fine and I could just ignore my sister.

So my sister came and my grandma made her apologize to me for the things she wrote online about me and threats she has made. I just responded with saying I appreciate her apology and I would expect her to keep my name off her facebook in the future. Of course she then began with making excuses for her behavior and I told her I did not want to hear her excuses and that her behaviors were wrong. My grandma then layed into her a lot. She told her that she printed out hte facebook comments and showed all our older relatives and they think my sister is crazy and does not belong raising a child. She also layed into my sister about the other stuff she said about me (comments like I don't look pregnant and am just fat and unproportionate...I'm a horrible mother and my kids all hate me, etc.) My grandma told my sister that even during my pregnancy I am much smaller than her so she really should not be saying things about my figure. And she said that I have well behaved children that love me very much and being a parent is not about making your children happy with you all the time or they will turn out like her! LOL

And of course my father (who is her biggest enabler) sat there attempting to change the subject. My stepmom later told me that my sister had told my dad prior to dinner how nervous she was and he told her that if my grandma and I ganged up on her he would step in! He just makes me furious!! He never allows my sister to see the consequences of her actions, which is most of the reason why she is hte way she is!

I am just glad that my grandma put my sister in her place...even if it was just for the duration of dinner! When my grandma tells my sister how it is my sister cowers and shuts up for once. It is nice!

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i am glad you have a grandma to stand by what is right! i hope your sister withdrew her comments from FB.

as about your dad, i think sometimes parents defend a messed up child because they feel it is their fault that said child turned out that way. so they feel guilty hence they become "guilty parents"

i would still stay away from her, unless grandma is present..go grandma!

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