From my mil

concretenprimrosesOctober 16, 2008

After my mil died the family went through her remaining stuff in storage and some we took and a lot went to Goodwill. Here are a couple of things that no one wanted so I took them.

The little bench was battered and antiqued green with blue chcckered cloth cover. Now with a bit of paint and some oil cloth it is a side table or extra seat on my porch. I just thought the bed (identical head and foot boards was beautiful. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.


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OOOH, I so love that bed,,,how cute an prim,,,would make a beautiful bench,,,darling, jus darling,,sorry to go on,,but wish I could find stuff that cute,,,an nice job on bench,,,love the colors

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My mother had a bed like that years and years ago :)

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Like what you did with the stool! That bed is wonderful!! Show us what you do with it!!Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Great job on the bench! What a good idea to use the oil cloth to have it outside! I have one of those....maybe I can steal your idea!

The bed is called a spool bed. I guess because it looks like lots of sewing spools put together. I have one that was my parents. I'm hanging onto it to use in the guest room. I would love to see what you end up doing with yours!

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I have seen these is gardens with flowers and climbing roses, but they may have been metal/brass. Maybe inside you could put artifical flowers or even real ones if you are not going to use it for a bed. Check Backyard Living (Reman/Reader Digest) If you have the room to display the flowers and little animals perched around, peeking out etc.

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