Tragic story close to home (sens. topic)

lovehadleyMay 23, 2009

This little girl went to where I went to secondary school. (The school starts in JK and goes through 12th grade. I attended 7th-12th.) A friend of mine brought this to my attention last night, as she has a SKer and 2nd grader at the school.

Anyway, the home where this tragedy happened is only a few blocks from my mom's house.

It just really makes you realize how FAST something terrible can happen.

Hug your kids a bit tighter tonight, and with summer upon us, and thus more trips to the pool, let's all remember to be as vigilant as possible. It truly only takes a second. :(

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Thanks for posting, love, it's a sad & sobering reminder.

Here is a link that might be useful: news story

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I went to the link and its been moved or what happened???

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An 8 year old girl drowned in a backyard pool at a party :(

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I have never understood the unsupervised children within 10000 yards of water. I almost drownd when I was 15! We too were at a party and mom assumed of all the adults there that surely someone (most likely the owners of the pool) could swim. Well, they couldn't. I was toting my younger brother on my shoulders and slipped down into the deep end. The shallow end was abnormally small. I was used to it being half and half....this pool was not.

I had my brother on my shoulders (he couldn't swim at all) and his head was above water. I didn't throw him off because I knew he would drown. Instead I waited to be rescued. I remember hearing the screams while I prayed. I passed out before anyone came. My mom who was a very weak swimmer jumped in and pushed us back into the shallow end. She thought I was dead. I was under water for a little over two minutes and no one there thought there was any possible way I could be alive. The main concern was saving my little brother. My brother almost drowned my mom with his panicking.

From that day on my mom would not let us attend pool parties AT ALL unless my dad could go. If we spent the night at a friends her first question was always "Do you have a pool?" She will tell you that that was one of the worst and most scary moments of her entire life.

It's such a tragedy that this little girl didn't get as lucky as me:(

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To clarify...I realize the child in this case was supervised. When I said unsupervised I meant the maney peole who just turn their kids lose around pools.

At the old apartment we saw it all the time. Three year olds running around the pool while the parent chatted with a neighbor 50 feet away. It made me a nervous wreck!!!!!!!

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