RECIPE: Champion juicer

liz_hSeptember 22, 2007


I'm looking for info on the Champion juicer, and thought I might be most likely to find it here. I'm a long time GW member, but haven't been to this forum before.

We want to buy a masticating type juicer, and have about decided on the Champion. I'm looking at buying one used on eBay. Is there anything special I should consider? How old a machine is too old? The Plastaket company can estimate the age of the machine from the serial number, and they mark a number on the bottom of the unit for when it leaves the factory. (907 for Sept 2007.)

Is there an online site where I could find a lot of info on juicing, specifically the Champion?


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I can't tell you anything about juicing with a Champion but you can make delicious nut butters with it. I roast almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc and run them through. Also another thing we like it for is making frozen fruit "ice cream". We freeze banana chunks and runthem through alternating with chunks of other frozen fruit for a creamy, sweet fruity treat. If you use frozen fruits without the frozen bananas, you get aslushy, icy product that is good but the bananas make it creamy. We also like to add a few pecans and make "butter pecan ice cream". I demonstrate this ice cream at vegan cooking classes that I've held and most folks have a hard time believing it's only frozen fruit.

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I would be sure and get the commercial one if I were you and you plan to use it often. It's not that much more expensive. There is quite a bit of price difference from various places.

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Thanks vegangirl. The nut butters sound delicious. Does the Champion produce smooth butters? I love nuts, but can't eat the nut pieces. The frozen fruit "ice cream" sounds wonderful!

I'm not sure how often we'll use it. Why do you recommend the commercial unit?

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You can push the nuts through slowly and get a smooth butter or go faster and get a grainer butter.

The commercial unit is the only one I've ever used but I've heard that the regular motor wears out quicker. In fact, I'm not even sure they make the regular one any more, now that I've thought about it! I paid $249 for mine about 15 years ago and it's still doing fine. A friend of mine found one at a yard sale for $10 and had to buy a $10 part for it. I don't remember which part it was. It worked fine.

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I just thought of something. You are supposed to keep the shaft oiled with food grade oil, olive oil, I think. DH's neice didn't and her motor burned out. Has the one on ebay been kept oiled properly?

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Hi vegangirl. We've had the juicer for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed it. I think we paid about $80 for the used Champion. The motor is in fine shape. So far we've mainly juiced fruits. We did try a carrot/celery/something else combo, and straight carrot juice. The combo was pretty awful, but I enjoyed the carrot juice, once I diluted it with a bit of water. DH couldn't drink either one. Are there any veggie juices that you think might appeal to a novice?

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Hi LIz,
Glad you are enjoying your Champion! I've never tried veggie juices other than carrot. Well, we did try celery...once! It tasted like soap. I've mixed carrot and apple..that's pretty good.

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Oh yes make sure you add apples, that sure does make a big difference. Kids will love their veggies that way. You can add some broccoli & parsley too, and celery is really good for you.

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for a sweet tooth
pineapple, kale and grapes....the best
pineapple and carrot

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I use slow juicer and this I enjoy in my juicing vegetables.. it helps me to keep fit

Apples - 3 medium
Celery - 4 stalk, large
Ginger - 1/4 thumb
Lemon (with rind)
Orange (peeled)
Spinach - 5 handful
process all these into your juicer

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