Which do you like? Need Granite advice!

aandesmomMay 28, 2013

We are starting our kitchen remodel next week and I am in the midst of finalizing our granite countertop choice. Our kitchen cabinets are Medallion maple raised panel door (Winston) in the White Chocolate (which is a cream color) for the perimeter cabinets and chestnut for the island. I wanted light granite and was thinking either Saint Cecilia Light or Giallo Ornamental Light. Unfortunately, the granite places my kitchen designer insists I go through do not have either. They do, however, have two other granites I like. One is Giallo Verona and the other is Delicatus White. The Delicatus is about $28/sq. ft. more (about $1400 more). The question is, which do you think is nicer with the cream cabinets?

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This is the Delicatus White:

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Not knowing what your cabs look like, personally I prefer the Delicatus White, both in color (more gray) and pattern. The Giallo Verona looks a little pink to me which I could not live with.

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More to the point, which do you like? Which goes with the cab door when you hold it up? If both look great with the door - undertones being very important, as linelle points out - and you like both equally, then take the cheaper one. I find Delicatus more interesting, but it depends on the feeling you're going for.

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both are nice:what are the objectives: is it big so you want texture and pattern throughout all the counter areas/do you want simple consistency with the warmth of the paint and chestnut stain/ I might choose the type of pattern in delicatus but something with a tad more warmth/browns and bronzes-it looks very "cool".Chestnut stain is usually a very true brown-veering warm for the most part-unless you smoke it with ebony/pewter glaze or something. Keep looking, IMO.

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That slab of Delicatus is very pretty! I like the color and veining much better!

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I find it sort of strange that your kitchen designer insists that you purchase your slabs through only her slabyard recommendations. I think that smacks of a kick-back. I have worked with many kitchen designers in my business and anyone that insists on using a specific vendor in my mind has some sort of deal going that is not in the best interests of that client.

That said, if your perimeter is cream and your island is chestnut, you will have a totally different feel if each of the pics above are "true"....the Giallo Verona seems like it matches your color scheme better, and the Delicatus has a much "cooler" tone to it. I prefer the Delicatus but would need to see the undertones and colors of the actual "chestnut".

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Thanks for the input. I like the delicatus more than the giallo verona, but I am a little unsure of how it will look with the cream cabinets. I've held samples of the cabinetry up to both and I think there's enough cream in the stone that it makes sense. That said, the giallo will clearly go with both the cream and the chestnut. I guess I just feel it's a little blah. Also, these granite places have the worst lighting- florescent with no natural light. I have a sample of the delicatus that I was able to bring home and see under the light conditions at home- I really love it but am worried about it with the cabinets. Here's the photo of the delicatus sample with both the cabinet samples. Do you think it's too white/grey?

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Find a stone you love, and love with your cabinetry. Do not compromise for your KD.

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