Salvaged a strip of my chldhood bedspread...

concretenprimrosesOctober 27, 2011

now what do I do with it?

I had an all cotton, including the batting, "quilt" that my mom probably got from the Sears catalog on my bed as a child. I still have it, pink roses in a diamond pattern. The problem is it is almost totally destroyed by time and use and sunshine. So I bit the bullet and threw it in the trash yesterday, but I first cut an approx. 16 inch strip off the bottom, the only good part.

I'm trying to think of a use for it in my craft displays. I'm not one to make Teddy bears or such. I also have a utility quilt that my Memere made that's gotten a bit threadbare. I don't want to get rid of it because it is made from my great grandmothers dresses. I'm thinking that could be my craft booth table cloth.

These are not works of art, tho the utility quilt (big triangles of dress fabric and big triangles of white) is all hand made tho very quickly so. I also have a more beautiful quilt of the same ilk in better condition.

I will take a picture of the handmade quilt before it gets worse for starters. And maybe also the roses quilt scrap.

What do you do with (rather large) old things that memories and history make so much more valuable than the object itself?


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Save them!LOL I just gave my daughter the prom dress my mom made for me, I thought it was long gone, DD wore it to her prom as I ended up not going to senior prom. DD had a wonderful time in it. Now I wonder if her DD will wear it for Halloween or something as she took it home! Be careful not to use anything too busy or brightly colored on your tables or will take away from the product you are selling. My DD had a quilted bedspread & canopy for her Sears bed, maybe same one as your's. White with pink roses! Jan

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Can you turn the 16" strip into a scarf? Add some fringe or trim to the ends? Maybe cut a pass thru hole?

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What an interesting idea Pixie Lou! Thanks!
Jan I have worn one of my mom's brides maid dresses for Halloween (years ago). The same Halloween I lent one of her tiny sister's dresses to a tiny friend. I think I still have them but I'm not sure, I may have passed them on.

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Marlene Kindred

I'm with Sunny...I too save them! Kathy...I saw an idea once that I tucked away where someone used a scarf of their mothers as a background for a shadow box. In the box they put a small picture of their mother and other small items of hers they had kept. You could do one and put things (if you have them) from your childhood or pictures, etc.

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I'm thinking how neat it would be to put your childhood pics on the strip since it was your bedspread, could include pic of you & mom or siblings, hankie, some small favorite toy you had. Might be able to use a shallow drawer & make it like a shadow box. Jan

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Ohh. I didn't actually take the bag its in to the dump yet. Maybe I'll look for a square for a shadowbox, cuz I do like the scarf idea as well.

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Well I found a use for the part I was supposed to discard - mushrooms! I posted on it at Crafts and Decorations, link below. I forgot I had started this over here.

I also love the shadow box idea, I need to save a few more pieces.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mushrooms from my bedspread

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if you're handy with sewing, you can incorporate the strip as part of a pillow...
kind of along the same concept as a crazy quilt, i cut pieces of sentimental clothing/blankets, and made a 'crazy' pillow.
definitely hang onto it, if shadow box doesn't work out.

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I am handy with sewing actually. Another great idea!

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You could always make a small frame for it. Or even buy one.

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If you can sew,hem it and hang it on a wall, out of the sunlight. My grandmother took her wedding dress circa 1900 and made it into a fancy dress for my walking doll, a doll about three feet tall, popular in the 1950's.

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Yeah, I like the framing idea.

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I saw where they had taken a piece of old bedspread, embroidered a bit of info about it (date, name, etc) and framed it. It was a lovely way to remember a bit of history while creating a nice piece of art.

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