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schrojoSeptember 21, 2002

I'm looking for a good tofu recipe. I'm not vegetarian and have never even tried tofu before, so I really have no idea what to do with the stuff, but my girlfriend loves it and I'm making her a birthday dinner and would like to surprise her with something she'll really like. Also of note: I have virtually no cooking skills, so easier is better, but not a necessity as I can always seek advice from my Mom who is a wonderful cook.

I'd appreciate suggestions.


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tofu acts like a sponge... it soaks up any flavour you put it in. it's great crumbled into lasagna... hardly noticeable. or cut it into small cubes and add to a stir fry. good luck! :o)


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My favorite use is to get a block of tofu and freeze it for 48 hours. Then thaw it (takes at least 24 hours in the fridge) and cut it into 1/4 inch thick slices. You can then pan fry it for for about 5 minuts on each side, using a little oil. Season with onion, black pepper, soy sauce or salt. I also like sage and rosemary on mine.

Makes a very tasty chicken substitute. One note, I strongly suggest avoiding the tofu that is sold into the sealed packages that don't require refridgeration. The texture is much less desireable than the kind sold in tubs in the refridgerator case.


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Tofu can taste like meat if you season it right. Here is a real easy dish  once you get it organized it takes about ½ hour:

Firm tofu
Veggies (carrots, onions, broccoli or asparagus, mushrooms)
Jasmine rice
Curry spice
Teriyaki or mushroom sauce

What makes this dish is a firm tofu (fresh, available as Asian markets is best), shitake mushrooms, & jasmine rice. The tofu needs to be drained very well or it is soggy.

Get some firm tofu, rinse it, pour out the liquid, & let it sit over night.
Put rice in a steamer or start cooking it.
Cut, cook, & blanch the veggies.
Add some oil to the pan, & put in curry powder. Add the tofu, onion & fry until brown. They should probably be cooked separately, but I cook them together to save time.
Add the garlic
Add the veggies, teriyaki sauce, & serve over the rice.

A nice condiment is pickled leeks, available at Vietnamese markets.

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My favorite is Grit tofu from their "Golden Bowl" The Grit is a fantastic vegetarian place in Athens GA.

1 container of extra firm tofu (best from your store's refridgerator section and not the boxed tofu)
a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast
soy sauce or tamari sauce
oil for frying or deepfrying or a non-stick skillet

Although they deep fry the tofu at the restraunt, I pan fry it.

I slice the tofu in half, place it on a plastic cutting board and then prop this up with a plastic lid or jar lid so it's angled into the sink. Place a piece of plastic wrap, or a clean towel on the tofu and balance a thick telephone book on top. This will press the extra water out. I drain for 1/2 an hour.

Cube your drained tofu and toss into your skillet. I use a non-stick skillet with no oil. It browns the tofu nicely. Brown tofu on all sides, then turn off the heat. Quickly sprinkle on about a tablespoon of soy or tamari sauce, then let it sizzle a bit until it dries up. Finally, toss the nutritional yeast on and coat your tofu.

SUPER DUPER DELIOUSLY YUMMY!!! We eat this several nights a week as 'croutons' on large salad as our main course!


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Buy firm or extra firm tofu. Drain. Cut in 1/4 inch thick lengths. Marinate in 4 TBLS of each: olive oil, sesame seed oil, soy sauce. Add one tablespoon of fresh grated ginger(optional) and one chopped clove garlic (optional). Let sit in frig for 1 hour or more. Best if grilled on outdoor grill. second best-broil in oven.
I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and this is a great recipie. Serve with basmati rice and a green vegie such as stir fried broccoli.
If your friend has been vegetarian for long she/he will not want the tofu to taste like meat. You lose, and really do not like, meat tastes after a while.

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