What are you making for Christmas gifts?

concretenprimrosesOctober 19, 2009

Does anyone know yet? I have to start soon or they won't get made, lol. Id love some inspiration. Details would be good to as well!


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I owe my Mother an apron. I'm still trying to decide on a nice fabric.

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Snuggies made from fleece. One made and 3 to go!!

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I'm thinking of giving totems or painted chairs to friends. I always worry if they will see the beauty in them like I do! Do any of you worry about giving what you make as gifts?

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I always worry about it also. I guess the point is to try to think about the person and their likes and lifestyle. But its hard.

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i think it is very nice to get homemade gifts ..I for one love getting them, shows love for the person that you would take the time to make something special

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hi Kathy! I'm making brooches/pins out of old and vintage neckties. Also headbands. These are very pretty and I think any age will love and wear them. And very easy and quick to make, and inexpensive. They'd make good items to sell at craft shows,too.
I'm going to be making tutorials for these soon!

All you need is neckties and needle and thread and pin backings or hair clips or bobby pins for the flowers.
For the headbands you'll need neckties and elastic and needle and thread.
These all take about half a necktie..I'm making a skirt out of the wider ends, and that leaves half a nice piece of silk!
Check back in the next few days to see if the tutorial is finished yet. In the meantime, I have photos of what I've made so far :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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