Need a Greyed Green Paint

scanmikeAugust 22, 2013

Can anyone recommend a green paint color that has alot of grey in it. Not a grey with a hint of green because I tried Horizon Grey based on someone's recommendation and it's reading all grey. My bedroom has windows facing north and west.. I presently have Fernwood Green and it doesn't look like the paint swatch. It's much more toned down and while I love it, I have had it for 10 years now and want to get a more sophisticated green color (too much bedding in green family to totally switch). I want a restful green since we live by the ocean. I was thinking of SW Grassland, Svelte Sage or BM Grey Mirage. Not sure if Grey Mirage would fade out in the space. Wish it were a tad darker. Any suggestions welcomed.

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BM Camouflage?

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I went through this last year with our family room. It was Cheyenne Green, which was a green with a little gray, but I wanted more gray and less green, and a deeper hue. I ended up with River Gorge Gray, which I'm very happy with. If it's too dark for you, you might look at Northern Cliffs. Another color I loved, but it was far too blue for me, was Fieldstone. I am also a fan of Gray Mirage, if you want something very light. Paris Rain might also be an option for you.

Here is River Gorge Gray.

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laura mcleod

We have used a retired SW color called Pale Artichoke many times over the years and really like it (it is not the current SW green called just "Artichoke") - it is very low key and I just never seem to get tired of it.

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In the Sept 2013 issue of House Beautiful, there is a kitchen with sitting area on pages 76 - 77. It is painted in SW 'Sensible Hue'. I see a green in it in the magazine, but when I Google the color, it looks just gray on my laptop, which skews colors..If you can find the magazine, or see the color in person, it may be worth checking out.

Designer Mary McDonald has used very pale green pillows in the sitting area, which look great with the walls.

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Sueb20, Could you please tell me who those colors are by? I really really like the one in the picture! Does it read a yellow green, or a true gray green?
Thanks for the info!

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Oh, sorry, they're all Benjamin Moore. In my room, the River Gorge Gray reads gray-green, definitely not yellowy.

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Thank You!! I'll try to get by there next week and get a sample pot.

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SW Austere Gray. Beautiful gray/green. I was told at the store that it's the same formula as Grassland, but without yellow.

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Look at Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble.

Good luck!

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I have SW Analytical Gray in my foyer. It looks more green in my space. I also started off with SW Svelte Sage and it was too green for me.

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BM Gray Mirage (more minty). used in my walk in close.
BM Grant Beige (more sagey). Most of my interior public rooms are this color.

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Have you considered BM Guildford Green? It is a little brighter online than the ones you are considering, but it will read darker in a north facing room.

I used BM Spa in my kitchen; it appears like a pale grey on the swatch but on the wall in a north and west facing room it turns light green/grey

Here is a link that might be useful: Guilford

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Wow, Grant Beige is the color I have in my guest bedroom and while I see green undertones, it reads more on the greige side for me. That's the problem with the lighting here. Not sure why but my first floor tends to cast green and my second floor turns colors more beige. This time I am painting large swatches. You learn the hard way. Going to SW today. Will get some paint and look at those colors. I have to find Guildford Green. I know I have the paint swatch, amongst thousands. I would think I am crazy cause I actually put them somewhat in color order, but I know many here are as crazy as me. Thanks everyone

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Restoration Hardware - SilverSage

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Like my3dogs I was going to suggest SW sensible hue. My sister has it in two rooms of her house and it's a gorgeous grey green and looks great with white woodwork. BUT you must check it in your own light first - my parents sampled it in their house and it was a definite grey.

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I am having CIL Wexford Fog put in my bedroom today. I had it in my last home too. It is quite grey but you can definitely see the green in it.

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Tried out Svelte and feel it's a bit dark. Probably should have tried Grassland. Also got the color one deeper than Austere but that was a bit too dark but I did like the amount of grey to green ratio in it. Not too green compared to Svelte. I will check out sensible hue tmr as well as Austere and see how they read in my light. Also thinking of going more to the grey blues if I can't settle on a green and thinking of Comfort Grey or Bm Imperial Grey or Aura Tranquility. I already have a color by Ellen Kennon H2Ahh that is very similar to Quiet Moments or Grey Wisp/Silver Sage so I am trying to get something a bit different or else my husband will complain it's the same color.

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I love Comfort Gray. Sea Salt (one shade lighter) is very popular.

I have Comfort Gray in several of my rooms and have gotten compliments on it. Depending on the light and time of day, it looks green, teal, or gray.

In my previous home, I had Austere Gray in my husband's home office. In brighter light it looked more green, but in dim light or at night, it looked more gray.

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We have Richmond Grey, which reads green on our walls. By Benj Moore. Maybe worth a look.

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If you want a grey/green/blue try SW strip with Rainwashed (I think that's it) Quietude, and Halcyon Green.

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Quietude is lovely, but it's a definite teal/aqua color and less a gray one, IMO. I have a couple of rooms painted Quietude. It's a pleasant, restful shade.

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Yes, Quietude is a beautiful color. My daughter just painted her nursery that color. It's definitely an aqua that's softened by grey when compared to BM Wythe, but I would like a little more grey in it. I think my husband would think it's too "pretty" lol! I am going to check out Imperial Grey. It's the one below Grey Wisp. Raindance is also on the swatch. Most of my quilts and duvet's have both greens and blue in them, so a blue grey green makes sense. I don't want a green with brown undertones. It looks too muddy. That's what I didn't love about Svelte Sage. So many of these blue greens are so close I feel I am getting nuts trying to find the perfect one. I even like BM Misted Green, which is another runner up. I tried BM Aganthus green, and while it's a pretty color, it could read a bit minty.

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