what a cute idea WHY didnt i think of it!!!

mojojojogrlnjOctober 15, 2006

okay went yard shopping yesterday....and came to this one and there was a bunch of the old coffee pots you know the enamel and silver kind with the glass perkerlator...when i picked one up noticed it had a cord...and when i turned it around had some kind of poked out star design on the pot...so i bought two...took them home plugged them in and these pots make the cutest little lights that i have ever seen....so now im on a mission to find coffee pots lol (trust me I passed many up that were just a quarter lol) and make these lights for my family for xmas....so just giving you a cute idea for some xmas presents that wouldnt cost alot of money...this of the designs you could punch out on the tin...stars, bells, angels etc...(oh and I paid 5 dollars for both)

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Neat! I would do that but I already took a small lamp and shade that I had and sat it inside the very same type of coffee pot a month ago. It's now a nice light in my kitchen on the microwave. I wish I did it a long time ago. :)

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A tip....fill the coffee pot with water and freeze..Punch the picture while the ice is still frozen inside...This will keep the pot from denting in when you punch the holes.


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here is the pics...sorry it took so long had to get new camera

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That is such a great idea Mojo. I love how it looks in the dark and the top lighting up is just an extra bonus of flair!!!


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