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alicesRestaurantSeptember 13, 2004

Sorry, I didn't post this properly the first time. I am looking for a recipe, not providing one for vegetable stock.


I would like something with quantities spelled out rather than "a little bit of this and that". Also, keeping it simple and limiting the different ingredients would be nice. It seems that so many recipes require two cups of chicken stock. That is what I want to use this for consistently.

Maybe a combination of potatoes, leeks, onions and parsely? Of course I can try this out but I was hoping someone had something they used that they thought was foolproof?

I've also thought of just using white wine wherever chicken stock was called for but I did this on one recipe and it didn't taste that great. I'm not sure it was the stock or something else. Maybe I should have diluted with water?

Would love to hear if someone has a "rule of thumb" for using a substitution for stock that allows them not to have to go to a lot of trouble. By not being a lot of trouble, I mainly mean that they can use stuff out of their pantry or standard produce that most people have if they cook a fair amount.

I don't like to use packaged stuff so I want to avoid the vegetable bouillon route if possible.


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I posted elsewhere on this forum, what I found, i.e. "Leek Broth" which suits my needs quite well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Where I posted the recipe for Leek Broth

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