My opinions on freecycle

mdit99October 5, 2004

I honestly didn't care for it to much, and am thinking of unsubscribing. It is alot easier to put the stuff out by the road and more then likely someone will drive by and pick it up.

I listed a 50's television with a blown picture tube,(wasn't worth the hassle to list on eBay) a blue and green fake stained glass hanging lamp, a broken weedwhacker, a 4x8 brand new lattice panel, and a large remnant of vinyl flooring.

Someone came and picked up the lamp and the weedwhacker. I am supposed to drop of the lattice panel over the weekend to someone. The other stuff people said they want the stuff but not heard anything from them in 24 hours.

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I have "mixed" feelings about freecycle, but like you my biggest problem has been people not showing up (and not having the decency to call) when they ask for items. I have been laid off for a year but contrary to popular opinion I do have a life (LOL)..

I had a truck (could no longer afford repairs on) and was able to help someone else whose livelihood depended on transportation...

But mostly I just lurk..

The other day, just for the heck of it, I posted for a Bread Maker...believe it or not a lady contacted me and we ended up swapping items, I had a waffle iron and mean green grilling machine sitting in my cabinet and two nice ceramic xmas plates (a no show did not pick up) so both of us were pleased.

I made arrangements to pick up and drop off and I was prompt..if I could not come I would call and/or email the person, no one should be expected "to hang around" waiting on someone.

So I will hang around and lurk. I have some coats I will be weeding out soon and want to post these, but I think I will be more specific about times.


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But if no one drives by and picks your stuff up it ends up in the landfill - that's what freecycle is trying to eliminate.

I agree it can be a pain to work with people, I've learned to be choosier in who I give stuff to. And I also include in my "offers" that I need the item picked up by a certain date - keeps the process from dragging on forever...

I love freecycle - it's done wonders to help me clear my clutter!


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I haven't done anything with Freecycle, but I see a lot of the people just leave the item by the curb (or on a porch), that way they don't need to be hanging around waiting for the person that's picking up.

I'd give people a time limit, then relist the item if they don't show.

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In my neighborhood when something hits the curb we laugh how fast it is "picked up"...sometimes by me. LOL

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Sorry you have had bad experience with freecycle. Our local chapter is great. I posted a want for flannel to make baby sheets for hospital neonatal unit and the response was great. I went to one ladies house to pick up some flannel and her husband had given it to the wrong person. She felt so bad that she offered me a halloween quilt that was almost finished except for the edging. It was beautiful and I felt bad accepting it but she insisted. Everyone I have dealt with have been great. I love giving stuff to people who really need and appreciate it.

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I decided to leave. I know it's a great site and all, but with my schedule it's hard to make & keep appointments. It's easier to put it by the road. OhioMom: I once put out a porcelain corner sink. I just finished walking in the house and there was someone picking it up. A record of 1 minute! The slowest I have seen anyone pick anything up was a lawn mower rear bagger. it was there for 12 days..

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Mine was pretty good until recently when they offered a prize for the most posts. Now everyone is putting single items on every post. I was out of town for a long weekend and checked my Email once while I was gone- had 80 posts and came back to nearly that many more. Especially crazy when items are related as in yard equipment or baby items.

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Our's is still relatively new and is s-l-o-w.

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Our freecycle is "interesting." Nearly every poster is asking for cars, furniture for an entire house, all big ticket get the idea. It's certainly not what I thought freecycling would be like so I'm dropping out, too.

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I mentioned this in the other Freecycle thread, but my local list owner rules it with an iron fist. Which is great. After reading some other folks' experiences, I really think you have to. She limits the number of "Wants" you can post in a month, and recently made an announcement to the list that this is not the place where you're going to be given the latest big-ticket electronics for free.

I'm also pretty firm with what I do and don't want to do, and again, I think you have to be. I don't want to drive anything over to someone's house, and if I have to go out, I tell folks I'll leave the item at my side door. I do offer to take a (portable) item with me to work if it's easier for them to stop by my work instead of my house.

By the way, we do not have curbside pickup in my region, so either I'm taking the item somewhere (thrift, dump) or I'm Freecycling it. So, there's a bit of motivation to participate.

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Once again freecyle will probably lose me....

a lady posted she was looking for xmas fabric for crafts, I let her know I had some...she asked for my address (I assumed so she could locate us on the map) and then two days later casually emails me and mentions her husband "forgot" to drop by....DROP BY???? What happened to asking for time/day???? First of all I live in an apartment building...good luck "dropping by"....I did not give out my apartment number, I meet them outside!!

Lately people have posted for CARS, DIGITAL CAMERAS....etc.

Once more a good idea corrupted by the people who use it...time for me to say bye bye!!!


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Instead of giving up, why not email your freecycle list's owners/moderators and let them know what the problems are? A list is only going to be as good as the people who manage it. If they don't ever hear any complaints then what incentive do they have to change anything?! You can get an email address for the owners/moderators at the bottom of your group's homepage.


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I'm not too thrilled with our FC. My email box is always stuffed with people wanting outrageous things. Like one poster said - a whole house! There are very few offers.


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I am sorry I have to is the gist of a recent post..."I want a house on the lake, quit my c....y job etc etc..............."

I had to give it up...back to the curb, less hassle!!!

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I just joined our Freecycle and the list owner does have strict guidelines on posting which is nice. The last items we posted turned out to be a big hassle and I am not sure I would do it again. I was suprised by people who wrote to us begging/desperately needing the items and then never showing or bothering to call. I felt very put-out. We ended up wasting time for almost two weeks waiting on people who never bothered to show or call 8 different times before someone was actually nice enough to pick up.

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I do not know what I am doing wrong! I cannot join FreeCycle. Always run into Yahoo, have to join, etc. Go through all sorts of forms and still do not get on

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I don't disagree w/ any of you - FC is a great way to keep stuff out of the landfill, and FC is also a way for us to see how the greed factor is rampant in many folks. I have participated in two ways - giving and receiving - but in not in requesting, so far.

Yesterday was the first time I gave something away that I listed - nice music center - speakers - etc. Good thing the person showed up when they promised - like others here, I had determined that if the deadline passed, I would give it to the next in line. I think that is vital - and I also cannot fathom delivery of item I am giving away unless I am already going in to town and can meet them somewhere - which I have done.

If one can keep their sense of humor about the human condition, and correspond w/ the persons managing the local chapter, it is better than reality TV!!!!!!!!


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I have given one item away, a table top green house, never used. The woman was prompt and was so happy to get it. I haven't seen anything offered nearby that I'd like. I am surprised by the number of "I Wants". Don't even read them.

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Our freeecycle just started and there have been no outrageous wants yet. In fact very few wants, mostly offers. I just got rid of some houseplants. For those of you complaining about the amount of e-mails you get, why don't you just read the messages on the site rather than have all the e-mails sent to you? That's what I do. I am not interested in getting anything, just in giving away a few things, so I don't need to read all of the messages.

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I have to add my few cents worth on freecycle too. In my area the person who heads it up has also set some very strict guidlines in what you post and how often you post. Then the couple of items that I posted, were not picked up when they should have been. One person ended up at my door after 10 pm one evening. Needless to say, I didn't open the door for him and told him I thought it would be better if he gave me a call. I never heard from him. I guess I think its just better to set things out at the curb or ask around and see who may need whatever it is you are getting rid of. I give things to the homeless shelters quite a bit too. I had them stop sending all the emails to me and I will just read thru them online cause I was getting hundreds a day and couldn't deal with all that reading, especially in things I wasn't at all interested in. Oh well.....back to the dumpsters! :-)

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It sounds like people are getting barraged with every single freecycle post in their email box... If that's happening, you can undo it by going to the original site and changing the preferences. Just uncheck every box that relates to receiving emails. You'll still have the option of using freecycle, if and when you want to, without getting tons of emails.

I have posted "offers" and got no takers. But, the "wanted" posts seem to get more responses, at least mine did. I think more people are looking to get rid of stuff than to acquire other people's unwanted stuff.

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I've had a great time with my local freecycle. I've given tons of stuff away and really cleaned out our place. I've only asked for two things and gotten excellent responses. I responded to some people wanting to get rid of their 3 year old pool deck. We had to disassemble ourselves (took about 3 hours with two of us) and in addition got LOTS of extra lumber he had lying around. Brand new condition. We're putting on a new larger porch on our house next spring and this was the find of the century for us. Saved us a TON in materials. I'm sold on Freecycle.

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I have had mostly wonderful experiences with

The bad experiences are few and far between. I am now pretty strict on pick up. I give deadlines and stick to them.

I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but also got some great things also.

If you don't like all the emails, just unsub.

I love it!

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There are a lot of rules on mine so it is run very well. You see the same names over and over asking for the world. You also have to be within 5 min. of the post or it is gone. I did get a beautiful old wooden couch and sewing machine from a girl that was moving because I told her I could do a quick pick up and was very reliable. I usually answer the posts that are looking for something I want to get rid of and if they want mine I will leave it on my porch for a couple days only. Too many people talk about how unreliable people are so I dont want to go thru the hassle of posting.

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I personally love freecycle even with some of the hassles of it. This past weekend I posted that I was digging out some hardy hibiscus plants and one lady that had been here before wanted some. She even offered a trade for me. She brought me 88 hot pepper plants and enough starter pots to fill a 55 gallon barrel. Then on the sale deal I had two people ask for starts of the hibiscus. One had been here before so she knew where I live. She emailed me back after I told her yes I would love for her to have one. She stated that gas was to tight and to pass it onto the next person. Nice of her to email me back, however she shouldn't have asked in the first place.
I have been wanting to make a potting bench with an old sink. The other day someone posted that they had one that was 1970's vintage green with some countertop still on it. It is perfect for my project. I will get a stopper for the left side of the sink for when I am using it for potting starter pots. Then I can pull the plug and let the soil go into the bucket I will store under it for potting soil.
Here is a photo of it:

I am so excited that I think I will see if I can't work on building it tomorrow morning. Sandy
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Crafty Gardener

Our local Freecycle is great. I've given lots of stuff away and also got a few things. When giving away I always put "pick up only". When taken I always post "Taken PPU" (pending pick up) and if no one comes after a day or so then I just repost it. I live in a smaller community so perhaps that is why the group works so well.

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We get mostly Wanted posts on ours. I read online, but haven't posted anything b/c of the hassle you all are talking about. I've never seen anyone ask for anything that I could give them or I would. Most of the time, if I have things to give away, my family will take them, though. I read anyway, just in never know when you'll find the deal of the centure or someone who desperately needs that thing sitting in my garage.

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