RECIPE: New to Juicing..

mommapAugust 31, 2013

My DH and I just bought a juicer!. Today, we bought about 10 pounds of tomatoes at the local farmers market.

Excited about drinking some yummy tomato juice, but it turned out pink instead of red and separated! What in the world did we do wrong? Also, the top part is thick/foamy and the bottom portion is watery/thin..

I was expecting something more like V-8.. :)

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What juicer did you purchase? A blender type?
V-8 has all sorts of over-processed stuff and lots of salt. (check the label). You need to experiment to find a combination you like and it will be so much healthier in the long run.

To make a v-8 style juice i would core and quarter your tomatoes and roast them in the oven for an hour and a 1/2 with some onions and red pepper at 300. It concentrates the flavor by slightly dehydrating. (they can be easily frozen at this point). For sauces and future juicing.

Try a combination of celery, beet, carrot and ginger, then add tomatoes. Salt, pepper and some horseradish if you want something like a virgin mary....

Just takes some experimenting.

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Hey Steven.. I bought a Breville Juicer... I made a sunrise drink this morning that was great. orange, celery, apple, spinach, ginger, lemon, and a few other things.. I guess the tomatoes will juice better if drank immeadiately with other fruits and veggies

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That juicer seems good, i know a few people who have it. If you are getting in this to be healthy, check out this link, it changed my life:

Also check out Dr.Robert Morse:

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Congratulations on taking the first step to better your health and give yourself more energy. My favorite juice for beginners is kale, pineapple and grapes mixed together for a sweet juice. Or carrots and apples for my breakfast. Strawberries and bananas added to celery, etc. also is good. I like peppers and celery with my tomato juice. Also, you can make sorbet with some juicers, which is frozen fruit run through them. Yummy! You are going to see a big difference in fresh juice vs the kind you have been getting in the store. Most store bought juice has all pulp removed and high fructose corn syrup, salt, and preservatives, etc. added. I actually juice my tomatoes and can it to use in chili, yes, it does separate, but does just fine in my soups. It still tastes okay, I just shake it. It saves me tons of time as I don't have to peel the tomato, just wash, core and juice then can in jars or freeze. I also freeze pineapple juice to add to things I want sweetened. It is a great preparation tool for home made jelly too as you can run your fruit through this and immediately make jelly out of it. Much easier than cooking fruit down, straining and removing seeds. Most juices do foam, but if you let it sit a bit, a lot of that goes away. Sometimes it takes a bit for your taste buds to get rid of the salt and sugar coating before you really taste the fresh food. Good luck.

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Good decision you have! healthy living means longer life and juicing fruits and vegetables are one of the best decisions i made...

I lost weight and it regulated my metabolism..I love any fruits and veggies but most esp Kale and I juice it almost every week since i was hooked to juicing and even invested to a reliable easy to clean and durable slow juicer i bought (lifespring). I have blender as well but I prefer juicing using a juicer.

For variety, i also eat veggies half cooked and eat fruits as it is ...

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