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gillyAugust 6, 2000

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian who really would love to get rid of the lacto-ovo part. Especially the cheese. HELP!!

need some suggestions.

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Gilly, my DD#2 has recently become Vegan - so we're going through this problem as well. There are soy based cheeses - quite a variety to choose from. Unfortunately we haven't found any that we liked - but then we're very fussy when it comes to flavor. I think you'll have to try them for yourself.

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I am also a v-o vegetarian (8 years) and I've been trying to wean myself off of dairy and eggs. Just as PF said, there are soy cheeses which I enjoy on sandwiches, but it's hard to find a replacement for shredded cheese. I have been using lots of tofu for its creamy texture, blended with a little soy milk (it makes a great alfredo sauce). Vegan margarine is pretty easy to come by and I use it in place of cheese on veggies. The thing I miss the most is pizza. It's just not the same without cheese. Sorry I haven't been much help, but you've got my support. Here is a great vegan recipe page:

Here is a link that might be useful: VegWeb

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We have been vegans (ish) for over 1 year now. I still use butter in my cooking, I believe it is better for you than margarine w/all the hydrogenated oils!! As for cheese, Galaxy foods makes Veggie Slices (made from organic tofu)... the pepper jack is a good flavor. The others are so-so, it depends on what you're using them for. Also, their Veggie Shreds in Cheddar flavor is great melted on a tortilla as in a quesadilla! Mostly though, we use recipes that you don't miss cheese in. Good luck!

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I just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know that Galaxy Foods' "Veggie Shreds" contain casein (a milk product).
So, even though they are made with oraginc tofu and are lactose-free, they still contain animal product and are not vegan. Which is unfortunate because they are tasty...

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This won't help out much with the shredded cheese or pizza, but you can make your own nondairy substitute for ricotta cheese or cottage cheese. Mash a block of tofu with a fork and mix in a few teaspoons of lemon juice. You can use this "tofu cheese" to replace ricotta cheese or cottage cheese in lasagne, stuffed shells, manicotti, Danish pastries, cheese blintzes, and many other recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetarian-Tips

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This is a tough one, isn't it? I haven't given up cheese/dairy yet but I've sure dropped a lot of it from my diet. There are many different reasons people go vegan so this may or may not help you, but here's what I'm doing for now.

My reasons for not eating meat have to do with not wanting to support suffering. That extends to animal products (cheese, milk, eggs, etc) - many of those products now come from "factory farm" situations, where the animals really don't have any chance at any kind of normal life. So I started searching out certified organic products and local products where I know how the animals are treated (for example, I get my eggs from someone near who has free-range chickens; they use organic feeds and no hormones, etc). It's tough but you can find products. There's a cooperative of family farms (extends over several states) that goes through a really rigorous certitification process to be able to put the "organic" label on their milk etc. The animals have to be outdoors (fields, etc) so many hours a day, proper shelter provided, the list is endless and very thorough. I feel good about buying their milk - I'm not a big milk drinker but I still like plain yogurt so I make my own.

Generally, while I've found some good organic products and feel secure that I'm not promoting suffering (and am supporting farmers who are trying to be good stewards of the land and their animals), I've also cut back drastically on those products for more health-related reasons. I agree with what others have said, you may find some cheese substitutes that work in some situations, but you're going to have trouble finding anything that takes the place of a good piece of cheese for eating out of hand. It may be a taste and pleasure you just have to forego to support your desire to be vegan.

Good luck!

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My mother can up with this.

Boil or stream the following
Once soft put into a blender add salt and lemon juice to taste. Blend. mades a spread.
My mother puts this over veggies and bakes it. Yum

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Penny UK

Humans are the only species who drink milk after infanthood.
By drinking milk/dairy products we are contributing to the death of many, many calves,mainly for veal.
If we didn`t drink milk cows would not be constantly pregnant and their babies would not be superflous.
This is not a sermon as I am myself struggling with becoming vegan.

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Penny...that's it exactly.

I've been Vegan for 11 months...and I've found it a VICTORY to be able to look a cow in the eye and say "I don't eat you..."

I also like being able to look at a chicken and know that it's not being kept alive in a cage, with 3 other chickens, the size of a folded newspaper, for its eggs--with its life being shortened considerably from the stress. These birds are very comical to they play in the dirt...or bob their little heads looking for food.

I think that the egg and dairy thing is mostly mental--honestly. I thought that I'd never be able to give them they're in everything and so "tasty". However, with the help of my very best friend and (also) Vegan cousin...I've discovered foods to help ease my "pains".

Here are my favorite "switcheroos":
Rice Dream/Tofutti--Ice cream
Nutritional Yeast--cheese *adds a certain "creaminess" reminiscient of cheese.
Tropical Source Bars--Hershey chocolate bars
"Silk" vanilla/chocolate soymilk--cow's milk

Despite the groups that like to counterargue the benefits of the vegan diet, it's a very possible diet. You find all sorts of foods that will be good substitutes...or just plain discover foods you never knew existed. One of my favorite treats is also Mango fruit...Mmmm...


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I make cream cheese out of soy milk. It can be blended with anything you like, and taste like any other cream cheese. It tastes good with nuts and peppers too.

Here is a link that might be useful: thornbush for life and selfhelp - go vegan

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