Range Hood Ducting?

jkuns7tyMay 20, 2013

What am I doing wrong? We are attempting to install our range hood currently in our kitchen design. The instructions say to use 5" rigid duct, which we purchased. But, now that I am attempting to attach it to the hood unit itself, I can't figure out how. The crimped side of the duct is not large enough to go around the opening, but the straight side has a lot of slop (about 1/2"). I'm certain it is not supposed to go inside the opening, as that would impede the damper. The instructions only state "Connect the ductwork to the damper and seal all connections with duct tape". Is 1/2" slop normal around the opening, and we're just supposed to seal it with aluminum tape? We are installing the Faber Inca Smart http://www.faberonline.com/incasmart.html. It seems like I must be missing something.

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Sophie Wheeler

5" duct is pretty small. The smallest that I'm aware of that any hood uses is 6". Are you sure you're using the correct size?

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Their spec (from your link) shows that the hood outlet has a diameter of 4-11/16", so you will have a bit of slop with a 5" duct. I'd have to be doing it in person, but I expect that you should attach the duct with two or 3 sheet metal screws, then tape it with an appropriate (can stand some temperature) tape.

5" duct is fine for the CFM of that hood. As they say, if you need any 90 degree bends, try not to have them right at the hood exhaust. I think that this is because noise would be increased.

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It does call for 5", toop outlet shows to be 4 11/16 so duct fits over. A. 5" duct should fit on the non crimped side.

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