Organization in NJ/NY that accepts old, dusty stuffed animals?

ReinRammOctober 18, 2005


I do not want to do freecycle and craigslist, as these are my childhood stuffies and most want to give them to their dogs. I still am kinda attached to them.

I cannot give them to children's wards or hospitals and such as they are old and dusty.

But I know there are some places that accept old, dusty stuffed animals and volunteers clean them and then donate.

Would you know of a place in NJ or NY?

For example, just four days ago, an elementary school in my neighborhood elementary school just had a week drive collecting old stuffed animals, which, of course, I missed.

Thanx very much!


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could you contact the school and see what they did with all of the stuffies that they collected? That's where I would start to find out. If they know it will save you the time of hunting down an organization yourself.

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Is there a local zoo around? Our zoo goes to the SA for stuffies for their animals, maybe they would take yours. You said they belonged to you as a child, do any of them have value so you could sell them. Hope they find a new home.

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You might try cleaning them yourself. I recently ran a bunch of my old stuffed animals through the dryer on a low setting. It worked like a charm!

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