Can you help me???

Freecycle_QueenSeptember 12, 2005

Ok..I know it was on this site..and now I can not find it. It was a pic of a craft someone made out of a texas omlet griddle (the flat iron griddles) and it had a candle and glass on the middle with cranberry folige around it. I want to make one for my mom and I and I now can not find it at all. If you have a pic..or know where I can get one...PLEASE let me know. Thanks!!

God Bless and happy "junk" hunting,


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It's in the topic "What are you working on".

Here is a link that might be useful: What are you working on?

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God Bless you and Thanks so much!! I know I saw it somewhere....

Thanks again!!

God Bless and happy "junk" hunting!


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You're welcome, Jessica. ;)

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