Macy's prop sale?

sophiemaeSeptember 28, 2008

I wasn't quite sure which forum was best suited for this query... has anyone been to Macy's annual prop sale in Tampa? I'd love to plan a trip down there for the next one and would really like to know a bit more about it in the meantime. I've seen pics of some of the merch, but what are the prices like? Is it worth a 4-hour drive or could I find just as good, or better, a deal on ebay or the like?


Sophie ^i^

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OK - I have never been to that one.. but after working in Macy's and for a major design company.. I find their prop sales quite worth it. I WISH I was closer.... Why not give them a call, tell them where you are traveling from and ask if they can at least give you price ranges!

All the best! This truly can be a potential goldmine!!!!


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What is a prop sale and when?

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njtomboy, thanks! I'm always up for a Tampa visit, anyway. I saw pics from last year's sale and wished I'd known about it then.

Terri, it's in Tampa, FL... the first weekend in May as far as I've been able to surmise... Macy's sells tons of mannequins and all sorts of cool pieces from their displays. I've Googled, but haven't yet been able to find out the exact dates for next year's sale.

Sophie ^i^

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I have never heard of that. Several of my friends and I have a girls weekend near Tampa every year. That would be a blast.

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I live 15 miles from where the store is in Tampa. It's Macy's on Gandy Blvd and the sale has been going on for over 10 years. You can buy all kinds of cool stuff..fabric, Xmas decor (big display items), shelving, display cabinets, etc. Methinks they only advertise it 2 weeks prior but I'll post here the 1st ad I see for it.

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Thanks ever so, Sharon! I sure hope the economy doesn't kill the sale or our means to get there. >:\ I'm so looking forward to it.

Sophie ^i^

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I have made it a to about 5 of the annual sales--actually going back to Burdines Prop and Display sale. It is so much fun especially when a friend goes with you so you can help each other "stake a claim" on things of interest. You have to get there early-like an hour before the gates open. It's held in the parking lot on Gandy (as Sharon mentioned). If you have an imagination like you all do, it's terrific fun.

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