RECIPE: Has anyone tried quorn?

borealisAugust 13, 2002

Hello, everyone!

I was checking the news archives for something else when I found an article on a chicken/meat subtitute called quorn. This was the first time (I read the arcticle today) that I had even heard of it, yet the article said that it had been marketed (most popularly in Europe) since the mid 1990's. While the article focused on a consumer group warning of its dangers, I would like to know if anyone has heard of and/or tried it, in what parts of the country it can be found, and its cost. Supposedly, it is made from fungi, but as mushrooms provide trace amounts of protein (I don't know if they are complete proteins or not), I don't know what type of nutritional value it has, or even if it tastes good. I do know that I have exhausted my meagre repetoire of TVP recipies, and I haven't found many satisfactory ones on the internet or anyplace else. I know of only two meat substitutes: Those made of wheat and those made of soy derivatives. Besides these (and quorn), does anyone know of any others?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Happy gardening!


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Yep, tried it and liked it. Some people don't want to try it because of the "fungi" it's made from, but they've been eating it in the UK for years is my understanding. Anyway, I use the "little cube" quorn for making Buffalo nuggets. Just brown the quorn in some butter, heating it through. Then I add a little more butter and hot sauce to taste. Serve with blue cheese dressing or ranch for dipping. My family loves it. Also like the garlic/herb cutlets more than the other "patty" type. Use the garlic/herb ones with stuffing and all the "trimmings" for holiday meals (Easter this year). It hasn't bothered any of us (some people claim if they have an allergy to mushrooms the have problems) and we do like the taste. I think that anything that gives the meat producers in this country a run for their money is worth at least a try! Lori

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I've tried the little cube variety in pasta sauces (a chicken cacciatore imitation) and also their breaded "chicken" breasts and they were both pretty decent. Personally, I prefer Veat and would always use Veat before I'd use Quorn - I guess it's been so long since I ate real chicken, the Quorn texture is a little too lifelike for my tastes and I like the taste of Veat better since I'm not really directly comparing it to chicken. (I'm also a big fan of Tofurky!!)

I buy all of these at the local food co-op. I think you can get them mail order too but will pay a fortune for shipping.

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Hello, again!

Thank you both for answering my questions. I'll try to see if I can find it in my area. One more question: What is Veat?

Happy gardening!


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Veat is another meat substitute that I've seen at both health food stores and grocery stores (Shaws here in New Hampshire). I have never tried it, so I have nothing to compare it to. I know what ketterng means about it tasting close to chicken. My husband and i have been vegetarian for about 4 years now, but I have to admit I miss the flavor of chicken - I was a chicken fan prior to my vegetarian days. My husband says the flavor frightened him in my recipe and I sat back and sighed remembering my "chicken days". I understand many vegetarians don't want something that tastes like meat/chicken, but as someone who ate meat for 38 years, I missed those things in my favorite recipes. I didn't eat meat because I enjoyed a dead animal, I ate it because i grew up eating it and enjoyed the flavors. Once I realized that the flavor is still available and NO animal was abused or died for me to have it, I was thrilled. To each his own, but I'm glad for Quorn and the other substitutes. Lori

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