NXR range questions - deeper cabinets? Hot door? Ignition coil?

elofgrenMay 9, 2013

We got our new NXR range yesterday and installed it today. I posted some pictures here. It looks great and seems to function properly. We're currently running the oven to burn any manufacturing oil off. It stinks.

So I have a couple questions.

In our current kitchen, the range is sitting flush against the fairly thick tile backsplash, maybe 1/2" from the wall. There are little nubs on the back, though, so I suspect it wouldn't go back much farther if it could. As it is, the front of the door is about 3" in front of the front of our cabinet face frames. The back of the door, or really a seam on the side, is about 1.25" in front of the face frames. The front of our cabinet overhang is about even with that seam, or the back of the door. It looks like it's sticking out. Has anyone else considered ordering cabinets an inch or two deeper so that it lines up better? Are other "pro style" ranges equally deep?

It's a little unusual of a circumstance, probably, but after running the oven at 500 for 30 minutes and the broiler for 30 minutes before that, nearly all the exterior surfaces of the oven are too hot to touch. The stovetop between the burners, the oven door, the backsplash (obviously), the trim piece under the door, the trim piece behind the knobs. I can't get a good temp reading with my infrared thermometer--too shiny--but I'd guess they're all in the 200 degree neighborhood. The bottom of our microwave/hood is pretty hot too, but not as hot as the oven.

I have kids, 1 and 4, but I can teach them not to touch it. They're used to radiators. However, do I need to worry about a fire hazard? Are the sides against the cabinets that hot too? Is my oven "broken" compared to others?

Finally, I noticed when running the broiler for 30 minutes that the ignition coil never turned off. Is that normal? My dryer has one that shuts off right after the gas lights.

Thanks for any insight.

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As far as the door sticking out, that's normal for pro-style ranges - the sides of the door always protrude beyond the cabinets. As far as the other issues, you should post on the appliance forum - there are a number of NXR owners there.

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As for sticking out that is perfect.
As for hot, I don't know what to say, I am always amazed when I see these post about the NXR door getting hot because ours barely gets warm.
I can place my bare cheek right on the window.
We have the older model which apparently must either be better insulated or better air flow or both.

The only place on ours that gets hot is deep in the back of the crack between bottom of door and top of toe kick.
That little spot will fry you but you are asking for it.

It is not supposed to get any hotter than 160 degrees.

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Ours is definitely hotter than the radiators. But I found some other threads about this, and that's really what I wanted to know: is mine broken? Apparently not; this is pretty uniform situation across "new model" NRX ranges.

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If you've seen other posts, you've probably seen my comments on the subject of hot oven doors and sides. To summarize: the stove will be a lot hotter during the intial burn-in than later. After a wee's worth of using my NXR DRGB3001 model, the hottest spots (and they were just spots) were about 140F-145 --- that's the center of the "toe-kick" right in front of the glow-plug end of the oven baking element. There were a couple of areas of around 130F and most of it (including the oven glass) was only around 95F to 105F. My tehory is that that the burn helps the insulation set. So, no apparent fire hazards on the sides.

As for the top center panel, I have to say I have not checked recently. I bought the optional center grate which stands over the center panel,

As weissman says, pro-style stoves do stick out a bit further than other stoves. Your photo looks like what I see in my kitchen. Actually, I had not noticed this before.

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How did you measure the temperature on the stainless steel? My (cheap) IR thermometer gives wild and pretty low readings on the shiny surface and applying something like masking tape to read the temp on seems to stay much cooler than the steel (to the touch, anyway).


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