RECIPE: Veggie loaf/Veggie burgers

borealisAugust 5, 2002

Hello, all!

This relates to an ealier post in which a member was looking for a realistic veggie burger. I have come fairly close to a good veggie buger (and lost the recipe, but I take it philosphically because I was told that it contained too much garlic), and now I am looking for a good veggie loaf recipe. Most of the ones that I have found do not have a meat-like texture, and as some people are vegetarians because they don't like the texture of meat and don't miss it at all, I understand that. However, I want something nostalgic, which, after all, describes meatloaf best-a hodgepodge of memories, warmth, instaneous weight gain and clogged arteries:).

I also accept that as a vegetarian, I will never get the trifling, greasy loaf that I remember, so it will never taste exactly the same as meatloaf, but most of the recipes that I have seen on the internet are either, as I mentioned earlier, so unmeat like that I know from reading the ingredient list that that is not what I want (containing carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.), or tvp-based and so similar to what I have done already that I know it won't turn out as I wish. The base that I'm using right now is tvp, egg, couscous, the ubiquitous onion, and various condiments. I've stopped using any additional oil or margarine because all it does is soak into the couscous and I can't taste it (and I use a very small amount of couscous, just enough to hold the loaf together after it has cooked.).

Also, has anyone noticed that you can bake veggie loaf for a really long time and it never seems done? It just becomes increasingly dry. . . .

Any feedback is appreaciated greatly.

Happy gardening!


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I don't have an answer to your post, but am interested in the same question. I posted a similar question in a quest to finding a recipe like the BOCA veggie burgers found in the frozen food section of the market. I am sorry you lost your recipe, even though it may have had too much garlic.. I would have like to try it. Anyway, want to let you know that both of us are on the same quest for the answer and recipe. Hopefully one of us will get some response.

P.S. I do have a recipe for a Mushroom/Tofu Burger that looks good. I haven't tried it yet.. if you want the recipe you can e-mail me.

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Thank you, Marilyn, for at least answering my post. I don't think this particular forum gets much traffic, because this was posted some time ago. Also, I am very interested in your mushroom/tofu burger recipe, but your e-mail address was not on your page. If you do not want to post it on the forum, can you cut and paste the recipe on the forum in reply?

While I am not a partciular fan of Boca Burgers, I wanted something that was not as expensive. The Morningstar Grillers in my area are just pennies short of $4.00 a package. At almost $1.00 a patty, that's much more expensive than hamburger. They weren't cheap when Worthington produced Morningstar, but since Kellogg bought them, I can never seem to find them on sale at a reasonable price.

Again, the tofu sounds interesting, but I have found unfortunately that while I like it a lot, I have to lace it with soy sauce (when making tofu spread), or fry it until it cannot be called healthy anymore. I have had it fried at a a good Chinese restaurant - I think they called it mandarin tofu - and you could tell it hadn't been boiled in fat because it wasn't puffy, just crispy. I have not been able to replicate this-I guess they used rice starch or something like that. If I could learn how they did it, it would make a decent burger-like patty.

Happy gardening!


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Just noticed your post on the price of Morningstar grillers and other burgers. I buy all mine at the local WalMart Super Center. The local grocery stores (Concord NH area) want WAY too much and so do the natural/heath food stores. I buy Grillers Prime at less than $3 a box ($2.79 or something like that), the boca stuff is available and I always buy the morningstar farms sausages at $2.59 or $2.79 a box there. I stock up by purchasing $20 plus when I make the trip to wal mart. Maybe this will help.


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Thank you for the information, webgoddess!

Happy gardening!


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I make a veggie patty that is kind of fattening (only eat it once in a while) but I take a cup of Great Northern Beans, a finely minced medium onion, a cup of ground pecans, and seasoning to taste, add just enough bread crumbs to make it hold together. Fry in a little oil (peanut is good). You can use any kind of bean so long as they are cooked soft. For seasoning try thyme, garlic and rosemary. My hubby adds a little bit of liquid smoke and veggie worchester sauce. I just make patties by hand. A girlfriend uses a little press thing that make perfectly shaped patties.

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Thank you, Cate!

It is interesting that you do not use egg, but it must not be necessary. One question: How long do you cook it before turning it so that it does not fall apart? The recipe that I developed had to be baked or microwaved first, then cut or sliced for frying to prevent it falling apart.

Thanks again, and happy gardening!


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I cook them in a non-stick skillet (or well seasoned cast iron skillet) until brown and crispy on the one side, then carefully flip over with a wide spatula. Takes a little while, maybe five minutes on each side. I think it depends on the stove. Seems like they take longer to cook when we are camping... but maybe because we are so hungry!

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