RECIPE: Sauteed Tofu - Help

pink_warm_mama_1August 24, 2007

The most lucious sandwich (to me) is sauteed tofu with soy and nutritional yeast added as it's cooking, plus mayo, sprouts and avacado slices on ww pita bread. My problem is that no matter what I do, the tofu sticks to the iron pan, and I rather enjoy it crispy. Any secrets as to how to crisp it without it sticking? TIA

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I'm still working on this myself but this is what works reasonably well: I coat the tofu with cornstarch and use a non-stick pan with a bit of oil over a medium high heat -- don't try to turn until you're pretty sure the bottom is browned. It's tricky to get it really crispy like I get at Asian restaurants but that's what works for me, more or less :)

I also always use extra-firm or firm tofu that I've frozen first, thawed, and lightly pressed. I generally freeze my tofu first because I like the texture it gets from freezing and thawing.

My understanding is that deep-frying probably yields the best results for crispiness but I haven't tried that yet. I might have to get out my wok and try it next time.

I love nutritional yeast -- do you use that to coat the tofu?

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Here it is years later but - yes, I coat with nutritional yeast. Also use it in soups too. Thanks for your help.

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