My New Old Lamps

kudzukweenSeptember 17, 2008

I re-did my old lamps I've had for 20 years...and that I bought at a yard sale....but all the new ones are out of my budget for now and the ones I liked look just like my old ones. I had to throw the shades away after all this time, so I bought some black rustoleum spray paint, and two new lamp shades, and got "new" lamps for about $32 dollars. I think I'll start checking out the yard sales and thrift stores for new lamps and hope I find some really nice ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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They are perfect! Who needs new ones?
Yours are probably better quality than many around today anyway.
ps nice blog, it was fun to look at your projects

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Owww what a great idea! I have some that I dearly love. Over the years the finish has worn away and they have tarnished badly.

Were your metal? Couldn't find a pic on your site. Did you have to do anything to them first to make the paint stick?

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Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks Concreteprimroses. They are really expensive metal lamps, but I'm not going to polish I spray painted them black, which matches a lot of things in my living room now. These are really heavy lamps.Rub them down with some steel wool to give some tooth for the paint to stick to. This should be the right page the lamps are on, on an older post.Check out my blog here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I saw the lamps on your website &. they look great. Also today saw the sheets you bought for curtains & i love them. Will look great with the sofa covers.Post pics went finished with them!! Thanks, Jan

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Thanks Jan! I got 2 windows finished, and 2 side panels for the 3rd window, but not the valances. I'm crafting for a sale Saturday, and sewing for the living room at the same time! I'd gotten some gold fabric with burgandy embroidered diamonds at a yard sale, with some gold trims, that I wanted to make lamp shades for the buffet lamps, but I've mis-placed it. Of course if I go out and buy some more, I'll find the one I lost! Here is one window finished.

Here is a link that might be useful: my living room curtains made from sheets

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