Waterhog rug?

ajc9August 6, 2012

Hello all!

I need a good rug for our mudroom...

Has anyone tried the waterhog rugs from llbean? The one I'm looking at is $120....

Are they that good? Any other suggestions? We have a lot of sand on our property....

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I had those a few years back and they were excellent .

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I've got several. They're durable and do a good job of absorbing moisture. They have deep ridges in the pattern though, so dirt, pebbles or pet hair can get caught and it's difficult for the vacuum to pick it up. So be prepared to use the vacuum hose attachment or to water hose it down to clean. Depending on the size, it can be heavy to shake.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I got an office-style industrial door mat that was 3x5 from Staples for $25. It is very durable and catches a lot of dirt....and DH can't help but step on it with both feet as he enters.

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I agree with hilltop, the sand will definitely get embedded in the rug and it's hard to get it out, whether by vacuuming or shaking it. I use mine on the front porch and it does a great job keeping the inside floor clean.

I wouldn't use it as an indoor rug if there's going to be sand.

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I like them and we have 2 Newfoundland dogs who soak up dirt and water like sponges outside. I do shake mine off to get the sand/dirt out.

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Thanks for the reviews;)

So, for sand and dirt...what is the best rug? The water hog style seemed the best to me...but now im not so sure?

I saw the same rug at plow and hearth for a bit less $ than llbean if I decide to go this route....

Thanks again!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I like the ones I have from L.L. Bean. If there is something that doesn't come right out when I vacuum, I just pull out the hose attachment (right there on our upright) and get it. You can also hose them off outside. Huge L.L. Bean fan here.

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I probably should have added, since this will be indoors, if you get a light colored waterhog you won't be able to see the sand.

My rug is burgandy, and even hosing, vacuuming and shaking won't get out all the light grit. Since it's outside, it's no big deal.

The waterhog would be good in a light color so you can't see sand.

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Another lover of the waterhog from L.L. Bean. I just use the hose attachment to vacuum and it cleans up nicely.

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This helps...great insight and opinions! I'm going to go for it!

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Love the LLBean outdoor waterhog. Very durable. LLBean does make a mudhog rug now as well, but I don't have any experience with it. For inside areas like the garage and laundry room, I buy 3x5 rubber backed, commercial type mats from COSTCO for under $20. They vacuum great, to include pet hair, and hose off outside as required. Both stores have great return policies if something doesn't work out.

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I have several including the pet place mat and car mats.
I personally like them a lot.

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One last question for you all...

Would you suggest it to cover a good part of our entryway? I'm looking at a 3'9 x 5'1. I would place it oblong towards our lockers. It's 6' from the locker edge to the door edge. Otherwise a 3'9 x 4'1 is the next size down...I would place it the other way...just inside the door...leaving the locker area clear as well as entry into the laundry room...so it would be a 'just inside the doorway' rug.

Does that make sense?

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