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Freecycle_QueenSeptember 4, 2005

Ok here is what I did with a set of wicker furniture I bought at a church benefit sale for $5 for a loveseat and two chairs. This was really a nice wicker set at one time that just needed some TLC. What I did was painted the loveseat royal blue and the chairs americana red. Then where the "diamonds" are that is in the center of the chairs, I made a star stencil and painted one white star in the center of the diamonds. The loveseat had two diamonds on it, so I put one in each center of those diamonds as well. I have had a TON of people stop and offer me anywhere from $150 to $300 for this set. And to think I paid $5 bucks for all and only have about $10 in paint for it and still have some left for my other Americana projects. After I made this set, I was given a old card table off of Freecycle and I used the rest of the paint to paint it to match my wicker set. I painted the legs red and white and the top the blue then did 12 stars all the way around it and 1 in the middle for the 13 colonies. I have had alot of people offer good money for that as well. I never knew what a trashy set of wicker and an old table could look like with some love and time, until I made them look "new" again! Hope this gives someone else some new ideas!

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Sounds great! I love wicker anyway!

Would love to see a photo if you can post one.

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that sounds great , oh yeah that americana look is the biggest seller still . and withthis newest crisis it will be even bigger, sounds great , like the star idea .
I make outdoor furn. and finally made one to sell and painted it (an adirondack chair) red whit and blue , white body, red and white back slats and blue arm, with one star in the center board, well wife sat in it and loved it we still have it, figures,
just love the look of wicker, especially at 5$ thanks Rick

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It sounds really pretty. You gonna keep it, or sell it?

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Hi all and thanks. I thought about it but I orginally bought it to go on my porch, so I guess that is where it will stay, so I am not selling it anytime soon. I fell in love with it when I finished it so on my porch it will stay..LOL. I will try to post a pic of it so you can all see what it looks like. It was an awesome deal and I am so glad I came across it. I have a friend that comes over and everytime she tries to talk me out of it and offers me more money each time, but it is funny how much people will pay for something that if they saw the before they would turn their head and not even consider taking it for free if it was not fixed up and given a "new" life. I am going to do something next with some wooden shutters that were given to me. I will have to post some of my other crafty things I have made as well. I make quilts too and right now I seem to make a ton of "rag" quilts for family members and friends. Thanks!!


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Jessica, Can't wait to see pics of all your stuff. We love to see pics.

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