RECIPE: No Salt-Vegan Margarine

joeygirlz51August 30, 2007

Does anyone out there know of a Vegan margarine that doesn't have salt. So many recipes call for salt free butter and I don't want to use that.


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If you are not too worried about the sodium content of your food, you can probably just use salted vegan margarines. Most recipes, even for cakes and cookies, direct you to add a teaspoon of salt. If you use salted margarine, you can just skip the additional salt.
You could also use vegan shortening, I think they don't add any salt to shortening. Erth Balance supposedly makes a healthy vegan shortening.

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I do use Earth Balance vegan margarine and also the shortening. If the two are interchangeable that would be great. I do have a problem with salt, so thus the question. Baking with shortening is a bit different isn't it? I mean it will change the texture of your dough.I've read that margarine has more water in it then shortening, so the amount of liquid you use in a recipe might have to be lessened slightly. I should give the shortening a go and see how this works. Thanks for the tip.

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You are right, shortening is plain fat while margarine and butter contain approximately 20% water. The containers of shortening normally tell you how to substitute shortening for butter or margarine. A cup of shortening plus 6 teaspoons of water equals 1 cup of margarine.

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You know I never looked on the earth balance container to see what it said regarding substituting..I will have to check it out, thanks again!

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