Robolady - how did day 2 go ?

toomuchglassSeptember 18, 2007

I'm anxious to hear how day 2 of your T2T sale went.

I'm hoping you made it big and are out on your new yacht right now ! LOL

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I'd like to know also Margo, you make the best stuff.

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The sale was overall good, not great, but good. I've documented it all on my blog (see below). Sorry I haven't been around but my Grandmother died on Monday and I've been busy making arrangements etc. On the blog, you'll want to go down to last weeks entries.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog

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Margo, so sorry about your Grandmother. Hope you are doing okay. So hard to lose a loved one. We'll check your blog, and chat with you later when you have more time. Take care. Hugs & prayers, Luvs

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Sound like it went well !

My heart goes out to you & your grandmother. Take time to heal . ((((Hugs))))

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