Vellux Blanket nap-separated, uses?

blueberrier1September 21, 2008

Anyone use the separated vellux nap for any project/craft?

Have two VERY OLD (ie 30 + years) vellux single bed blankets-no longer cozy-since the nap has sloughed off in many areas.

The interior mesh is wondrously strong and I have used it for many things. Am gradually removing the remaining 'blue' vellux nap so I have enough netting as replacement for my chicken capturing net as processing time appraoches.

Have noted in past years that song birds captured some of the nap fragments and used them as nesting materials. Am thinking of burying the current bag of nap in my flower bed that needs improved drainage.

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I've not thought of using the nap but I bought a blanket at a garage sale, all of the nap came off in the washer. After I stopped laughing and cleaned out the washer, I have been using it to dry garlic and other veg in my greenhouse as the small dirt clods and garlic pieces don't fall through. Paula

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