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madeynaMay 30, 2010

Can someone here recommend a few web sights for someone who has never done mosaics of anykind before? I have been cruising the web. and threads here but have lots of questions. How are they getting the rounded edges on some of the tiles? Is all cutting done threw nipping or can you sand down some edges with a grinder?

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google search, google images, you tube, this site on search,
reading the posts, checking out the photo gallery here..

too many to list..
gotta have time and patience, to read, research and follow advice of the ones who have blazed the trail, right here, on this forum.

tools listed, advice on using them..
wow, now I'm all wanting to go back and reread a lot of what's right on here!

and don't forget to go to the very last pages of posts..a lot of information will be dropped off, as new posts show up at the this one.............

good luck and get dirty~

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Madeyna, Welcome to our group. You can go to Happycraftin'
mosaic supplies and they have a lot of informative stuff on there for you. To answer your question, most of the folks here that use stained glass a lot, cut their curves and then grind them smooth. I use a lot of mixed media, mostly broken dinnerware and other found stuff. I cut mine with nippers for the curves. I use wheeled nippers, but I know a lot of people use the straight nippers. I cut a lot of my straight stuff and squares on a wet saw.
do a google for
there are a lot of utube snippets that show and tell. try searching there for mosaics and also stained glass. Just search Good luck

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There is an excellent book on on how to do mosaic murals.;

It is called "Mosaic Murals - how to tackle large-scale installations" - but the information provided works n any size mosaic.

The books gives lots of tips, explains the tools, the supplies, and even has a resource page with recommended sources for everything from tile to grout.

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There is a wonderful site with lots of info. I think you'll enjoy. Check it out.

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