Wire basket??

oceangirlmeSeptember 28, 2008

I picked this up at a yard sale since I had never seen one before. What do you think this was used for? What would you use it for? It's about 15" wide and 6" tall.

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I dont have a clue???!!! But I can already see the possibilities! It would look so cute for a centerpiece filled with moss and flowers, with a candle or tall vase for flowers in the middle part.
You could even do different Holiday scapes in them, like small gourds and pumpkins and Fall leaves, Christmas ornaments, etc., endless ideas! You could even add some wire to hang it up with on a porch or patio with candles at night. cool find, show us whatcha do with it!

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Was it maybe once the front of an old metal fan,,,only thing I could think of,,steph

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That's really cool. It's telling me to fill the outside with pretty river rock and add a candle to the center. You could even string some beads on with wire. I want one. LOL

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I thought the similar to turtlegarden. In the center I would place a tea light in an insulator.. Perhaps surround it with glass (or glitter) beaded fruit or cornucopia... and use beaded wire or junk jewelry/pearls or vintage chains to hang as a chandelier in the garden/powder room or patio... maybe embellish further with chandelier crystals, feather boas, silk flowers or rag garland...

(oh - not sure of it's past use)

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Looks kinda like one of those basket things they use in the cold packers that some people use for canning...

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Maybe it was a holder for ceramic chip and dip bowls?

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It's a wire basket.
There was a period about the turn of the century when wire stuff was trendy....about the time of wire rug beaters, wire egg baskets, wire soap holders etc.
It's just a decorative "thing".
Linda C

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If it appears to be rusting you can protect it with spray rust resistent paint. No sure of the metal? Use a magnet to test. With the center--candle--small figure==small windmill---animal==even a small sailboat--

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All really neat ideas. If it were mine, I'd pack sphagnum moss in the bottom, and plant sedums and succulents in it. It would look nice on the patio table all summer.

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