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craftylady-2006September 14, 2006

I found these items at a place I call "The Junk Store." It's a little shop with some antiques, some "real" junk (in my book), old dishes, tables, baskets, holiday items, etc, that folks were going to throw out. I think the owner goes to tag sales and picks this stuff up and then sells it in her shop. Quite frankly, I don't consider any of what I got tonight as "junk" - just me doing some country decorating at cheap prices. I will use it of course, for fall/halloween decorating. Hope you enjoy!!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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You scored some great finds there. Congratulations on it. think I like the bird the best, but would be happy with any of it .


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I love the locally run thrift stores. They have so much more variety than the national thrift stores AND the prices are better!
Course sometimes there's some pretty strange stuff to sort thru but I think that adds to the fun when you find a treasure you truly love.
Nice finds!

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Great stuff. I think they will be very easy to cluster in a corner of a porch or garden. Make sure you don't place them where the winter weather will ruin them. They are awsome.

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hey crafty....that little bike looks like the bike my grandmother gave me..(it was her doll bike back in the late 1800's early 1900's) so you might have a victorian doll bike there...nice score!

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Oh, I like the Jug the best! I love primitive antiques :)

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Mojo, I don't think it's an antique as you describe. I got it very cheap for one thing, $6 if I remember correctly. I love the jug also Sweets. I found this aged handmade wooden foot bench and started doing a little collection of primitive pottery. So far I have a Redwing Pottery No. 5 crock (5 gallons) some crocks that were cheap in price and a soda bottle looking one that I got at an antique store for $22. I want to pick up another one and the shop owner wants $75 for it, it's really worth about $200 I'm told, she had an antique dealer appraise it. Yeah, that's a lot, but when you want it, you want it.


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Sal, Great finds!!! Can't wait till we get to go "junking" together.

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