Ideas for old Bassinet / Moses Basket

lmsorkinSeptember 15, 2004

Hi all! My youngest daughter has outgrown her bassinet and moses basket. Before I give them away, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to use them in another manner.

The bassinet belonged to her father when he was a baby. It is white wicker on two folding legs with wheels. It's a little wobbly and made of thin wood, so we don't think it'll survive for another generation.

The moses basket is one of the ones found at boutique shops. It is a woven basket with two handles.

My only thought so far was to take the legs off of the bassinet and to use it for toy storage. But I don't think it will last long that way.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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The bassinet would be darling with old linens in a bedroom or nursery or great for laundry in a laundry room. I know of a home here in Spokane that has one on a covered porch filled with red geraniums. The same ideas could apply to the moses basket, but it could also work well for magazines, fabric stashes, balls of yarn, etc. I love having a big open basket (well . . . mines actually a metal feed trough, but same concept) to throw in quilts for the kids in the family room. This way it is easy to pick up and put away, so it looks neat without a lot of effort. Before this the kids drove me crazy with quilts all over the floor in the winter.


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How about taking the legs off it and placing it up on a cabinet or something in the kitchen? It would look neat with greenery in it, maybe some books or bright colored table linens spilling out of it. If it's not picked up and carried with a lot of weight in it, it should last a long, long time!

If it belonged to her dad, I sure wouldn't get rid of it. Find a safe place for it and pass it on down to your grandkids!

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The one in my third floor has been around for sixty-some years, at least. It was used for me as a baby then my mother used it for a laundry basket (it never did have legs). All of my children slept in it before they were in cribs. It now holds a lot of stuffed animals that my daughters left behind and are entertainment for our grandchildren. I kind of hope that a granddaughter might want to use it someday, if I am around that long.

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I would keep the bassinet the way it is with legs, if it belonged to a family member. When I was pregnant, I originally wanted a cradle. My idea was to then fill it with toys once the baby got older (stuffed animals, dolls, something like that - not Legos). Since I had a boy, this idea was tossed! Although vintage dolls would look nice.

For the basket maybe you can line it and put potted plants in it. Don't know how big it is so i'm not sure this would work. But something along those lines or like was Des Arc said.

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I'm with the others, I'd probably keep the bassinet for sentimental reasons and try to find a use for it - use it to display a collection of something. Would look really cute lined with an old quilt to display old dolls. If your bathroom is large set it in the corner to hold rolled up towels.

The moses basket - I used one in my kids room to store their shoes in when they were little. Otherwise they were all over the floor. They're also nice by the back door to throw shoes in. Or line it with a garbage bag and plant it full of flowers. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage. It should last several years if you set it inside the garage or a shed for the winter where it stays dry. Or use this one in the LR or den for toys - teach them young how to pick up and put away. If it's convenient and easy, they'll do it and you won't have to.


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