May I see your window behind the cooktop or stove?

coteheleMay 11, 2009

The cooktop will be on an outside wall in a 74'' cabinet run. This is the only outside wall in the kitchen, and I want a view. Not sure how to manage that or what to do about a hood. I doubt a glass-top hood would fit the style of the kitchen. A 36'' or 42'' hood covers most of the wall leaving very little room for vertical windows. I was wondering about a window rather than a backsplash. Any ideas?


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Talk with your AHJ.

Many places will not allow a window over a stove.

A few will if it is a fixed window.

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I will check building codes. I have seen some really nice ones here. Loves2cook4six is one I believe.

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I love my window above my cooktop. It often doesn't violate building codes if it is not expressly forbidden in the appliance specs. This is one of those regulations that varies considerably depending upon the geographic region. FWIW, I'm in western Oregon. Here's a photo -- From Kitchen

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patti... what do you do for venting? Downdraft? Just open the window?

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These aren't mine but they're in my idea file. I personally really like the idea, but I don't cook much greasy/splattery food. I think if I was making bacon every week cleaning the glass would get tiresome.

From [house stuff]( From [house stuff](
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Oh my... I love that first pic with the arched window. Now I know a hood is suppose to be in the realm of 30" or so above the cooktop but that looks pretty. I wonder how functional?

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We had this in our previous home. We had a Viking cooktop with a pop-up downdraft behind it. We enjoyed it, but I have to say, the window did get greasy sometimes. Here is a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: my old kitchen --- cooktop below window

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patti, I see a roof over the window. It would be nice to be able to open the window in nearly any weather. Is there a hidden hood?

rae, both of the kitchens are cool! I love all the windows in the white kitchen. I've always felt more at home outside than inside the house. That is the best of both! The arched windows are sooo elegant. The view from my kitchen will partially be garage wall. I'd need help to make it a perrrty wall :) Thanks for the pics.

mythreesons, very nice! How much did the vent obstruct the view when it was raised?

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remodelfla, we have a Dacor downdraft vent and it works well enough. Being able to open the window helps clear out the kitchen if someone burns toast but we don't use it for real venting. FWIW, our counters are 30 inches deep and I think that helps keep the window clean most of the time. Glass is easy to clean! cotehele, our window opens onto a covered porch with a little creek beyond it. I just didn't want to lose that woodsy view and I'm glad we didn't. Another thought for windows in that wall is to fill the backsplash area with windows. A friend has these and they look great as well as letting in light.

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The pop-up vent really doesn't obstruct the view --- it pops up maybe 12 inches (can't exactly remember, but I know I could still see). The part that was really nice about this set up was cooking, standing at a pot and working on something that has to be watched constantly --- and still being able to watch my kids in the back yard. I was really able to do both.

We are working on house plans for a new build, and the logistics don't work out in our new set up, but I would have repeated this in a heartbeat if I could.

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I am furiously digging up plants and moving bricks and landscape rocks ahead of the backhoe digging for the foundation :-PPP Gotta take a short break! I didn't know that was scheduled for today. The building inspector made a site visit before approving the permit about two hours ago.

Patti, you must hear the water running in the creek. Oh, I am SO envious. We live in a very small town where the house is between Main Street in front and the primary street in the behind with no back yard. My heart is to live out of town, but DH is firmly planted here. The garage will block the back street and partially obscure the view from the cooktop wall. But I really want to see the side lot and the planting beds while I am cooking.

mythreesons, It is disappointing to give up something you love. But, I hope you have an amazing kitchen in the new house. Reading some of the threads on pop-up vents, few people think they do a really good job of venting. Sounds like you are happy with yours. What kind do you have? Ours will vent a 36'' induction cooktop.


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Ours was a Viking pop-up --- can't remember the model number and it is back in Ohio now and I am now living in NC. I would say it did a good job, but not a fabulous job --- definitely the downside of the set up.

Congrats on your permit, that is exciting! Will look forward to watching your progress.....

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Around here code requires 3 ft between the vent and a window that opens...So it relates to the venting and not the stove itself. I guess so that vented air isn't drawn back into the house? Or maybe it affects how the vent is allowed to work or something.

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Rhome, there is no code issue with the vent or the cooktop placement and the window. But, thanks for pointing that out. I did specifically ask the building inspector.

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Yeah, fwiw, just to pipe in from my area, I telephoned our city's building department. The inspector said that if it's an electric cooktop, they go by whatever the Install Manual instructions are. If it says "don't install under a window", then that's what the inspector here follows.

I don't know what they would have said about gas, as I won't be considering gas cooking in my remodel. It was an informative call to the inspector though. :-)

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