RECIPE: crockpot green beans and new potatoes

alicesRestaurantJuly 25, 2005

This is sooooo good and easy (and green beans were not mushy!).


Add to crockpot -

-fresh green beans (3 good sized handfuls), ends chopped off

-new/red potatoes ( 3 medium sized), cut into chunks and spread on top of beans

-sliced almonds (about 1 cup), sprinkled on top

-handful of fresh parsley, minced, sprinkled on top

-1 jalapeno (large fresh), minced, sprinkled on top

-2-3 cloves garlic, minced

-yellow onion (large), cut into chunks, sprinkled

-1 teaspoon curry powder, sprinkled

-1 teaspoon kosher salt, sprinkled

-black pepper, cracked on top (1 tsp or so)

-2 tablespoons olive oil. dribbled over mixture

-1 tablespoon butter, cut into little pieces and dabbed around on top


cook on high for one hour,


move to low for 4 hours

(probably could forget the high and just cook on low for 6 to 8 hours).

optional: I didn't use either of these options but thought I'd suggest in case you want more protein: add 30 minutes before serving either tofu crumbles or chopped hard boiled eggs and stir

note: the curry powder really doesn't give it an obvious curry taste, think the slow cooking kind of mellows it but I think it does give it a nice flavor anyway but probably would still be good without the curry for those who are wary of it.

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Wanted to add another note about the curry powder. Might be my tastebuds are not as sensitive as I've gotten older but I'm starting to use curry powder like MSG but keeping the amount fairly small to keep the taste from being too overwhelming. Don't like MSG cause there are reports it is bad for the eyes so I just almost always add a half teaspoon or so of curry to whatever I'm cooking if I want it to have a "tastier" taste (whatever that means,LOL). Especially good if you're trying to revive leftovers.

There is news, for those who haven't heard, that there appears to be a lot of good health reasons to use curry (still being studied, though). Seems that Curcumin, the prime ingredient of curry is believed to protect one against breast cancer.

Also, it seems that Alzheimer's is almost unheard of in India so they are thinking that Curcumin might have something to do with it. Nothing proven of course, with the cost of research, probably won't be proven anytime soon but this is one time where you can get something else for your money, i.e.good taste, when you try an alternative health cure.

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Alice, you post the best recipes! I got some fresh green beans from a friend and I have to make something with them fast, and I love crockpot cooking, so this is perfect. I may use a can of diced tomatoes with jalepeno, I like the tomato/potato combination. Plus I have a hard boiled egg from g-d knows where languishing in the fridge! I never would have thought of a curry dish!

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I finally made this! I threw in a homegrown tomato and also added a can of garbanzos for protein. I didn't do the eggs but they would be a great garnish to this rich dish. Very delicious!

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I just happen to have some fresh greenbeans and new potatoes on hand. I think I'll try this recipe. I just wish the weather would cool down enough to make using a crock pot more satisfying. October 1 and in the 90's still. Give me a break! Thanks for the recipe, even if you did post it a while back.


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